What was the last game you played?


^please do play Hatred and let me know how it is when it becomes available..


DreamFall: CHapters finally released on October 21st. The game is serious and at times, pretty damn hilarious. Sharing some of the lines here.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised :lol:

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^ Seems forced, profanity is only funny when it feels natural... to me anyway.

I wanted to play the game, but they turned me off with their episodic release format... I guess I'll play it when the complete edition is out next year.


^amen to that... totally missed the wolf among us exactly due to episode nature..


I can't blame you guys for it. But you're missing out on a one of its kind game. The longest journey and dreamfall are some of the best adventure games I've played (including Syberia, which is one of my most cherished game of that time).


just like watching seasons, such games are best played when they are completed.. or atleast 4 seasons worth..


Is anyone here playing DMC5? Iwant a file named Ch00_Cityspace_Night.upk. This file is corrupt in the version of game I've downloaded

Is anyone here playing DMC5? Iwant a file named Ch00_Cityspace_Night.upk. This file is corrupt in the version of game I've downloaded


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Far Cry 3 was a great game i really enjoyed it. It was awesome.

Competed the game nearly 80% it is even fun to roam about in the open world. It is better than GTA hype.



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Hunting to gain upgrades was the best game design decision in ages. No money thing now anymore!!!

It forced us to wander and enjoy . LOVED THE SHARK KILLING.


open world video games are always fun to play. i played farcry 2 and farcry 3 a lot, farcry 4 will soon be released.


I was accepted into Evolve's Big Alpha and have been given 4 more codes to share with friends. 2 of them are already gone, got 2 more remaining. Let me know if anyone would like to give it a try. The Alpha lasts till till Monday, so you'll have plenty of time to get a taste of what is it about.


If I use a 2GB RAM stick with a 4GB RAM stick (to get a total of 6GB RAM), will there be any problems? I have two 2GB Corsair Value Select 1333 DDR3 sticks atm.


^ Nope. It will still run in dual-channel mode. Go ahead.

Although try to use the same BUS speed RAMs, otherwise they will all be running at the speed of the slowest one.


I'll get a 4GB 1600 BUS. I'll have to replace that 2GB stick, too, someday. Or should I buy a Kingston HyperX 4GB 1866 BUS? It's cheaper than Corsair Value Select.


dont waste money on getting higher bus speeds.. unless price difference is minor.. or you are buying for the 1st time..

having 2x 4gb any sticks is better than 1x 4gb higher bus speed.

kingston rams are equally good and usually cheaper.


Tried "This War of Mine" due to all those high ratings from users and critics alike... Couldn't bear it for more than 10 minutes. WTF? Who likes this kind of sh!t? Oh well, whatever floats their boat i guess.


Last Game I Played Was With My Friend :D .. And I Actually Record It.. So You Guys Can See That :D Have A Look :D
Video: http://on.fb.me/174GwC9
Page: https://www.facebook.com/MetalGamersLive



Wolfentein..(new) 9/10

a VERY VERY good game,, excellent graphics.. voice acting is superb.. a totally gripping environment post WW2 nazi victory, and a hell of a sound track..

the only fault could be that its a remake of the same wolfenstien story with super hi-tech nazis. and its easy... but this game has a huge Call of duty like action set in just the right places with character development where you actually feel very very sad and depressed at some moments..

over all a masterpiece game to show off your GPU power to the max.. and at Qhd resolutions its breath taking at high fps action sequences..

best part.. no bugs.. no glitches . No patches needed. :)


^ Are you talking about Wolfenstein The New Order? Cause it just so happens to be that I've also been playing the same game since a few days. I'm currently on the Lunar Base Mission. I too like the game but i don't get your compliments about the graphics, they're decent at best... it runs in OPEN-GL API, there's no anti-aliasing & there's a lot of texture popping as well, the art style is fine though...

But graphics aside, i like the story, music, and weapons. (the laser cutter/rifle is my fav). The missions are fun and somewhat varied too.


Its using that God Awful IDTECH5 engine. That alone should be reason enough to stay away from this game <_<


guys is The Binding of Isaac a good game to play and buy ? bcoz The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is $10 right now and i want to buy it before the sales end so pls tell me thanks