What was the last game you played?


^i will wait for 6 months to play it when it gets fixed now.. thanks for input

SPATE: i dont even know how to rate this game :s

this is a very very weird game.. consider this like Bioshock infinite with mario.. its a 2.5D side scroller, with a very very creepy atmosphere and visuals are top notch.even though its like an indie game, its not.. its a very involving creepy game about an alcoholic detective who has nothing to live for except his current case... you get to drink infinite amounts of alcohol too, which is very useful sometimes.

this game is like a horror suspense movie and none of the words i have used to describe it are interconnected at all..Dam it..

this game is a must play.. it takes 20-30 min to get into the story, the voice narration is hollywood level, so bear it for 20 min... you wont be able to put it down..


BF: Hardline Closed Beta. Available for PS4 & PC players who own BF4. Might open up for other players as well too. Currently downloading it, wasn't even able to log into Origin due to insane demand, hammering on their servers.


I'm playing Watch Dogs at 1280x1024 resolution. The fullscreen is bordered and looks like this:


How do I remove the borders in the fullscreen mode so it looks like the picture below?



^ I can see you're running on low graphics, but it still stutters a bit doesn't it? The game's a mess on PC...

BTW, you can remove the borders by doing the following in the graphics settings:

Turn screen mode to full-screen. And turn Widescreen letterbox to Off. There you go.


Thank You, Upsilon.

Those screenshots aren't mine. 1280x1024 is the maximum resolution of my LCD. I'm running the game on Medium. Stutters rarely. On high, it's fine when I'm on foot but when driving, yes, it lags. Moreover, I'm running on 4GB RAM.


Playing Need For Speed The Run. Good game till now.


Finally finished "Halo : Reach" after trying to finish it for two years....

can't find the time to play games....

Now playing Tekken 6 campaign mode.....wish I had played this earlier....I really like the RPG mechanics on it by changing clothes....Reminds me of Final Fantasy..


Just finished Hitman Absolution. Great game specially the graphics were quite fascinating and the story is excellent.


4 PM.. 2/10

CRAAAAPPPP.... one of the most boring 20 min game in history.. there is NOTHING in the game.. its a Short tv movie made by national film and TV association.. 2.3 GB of 20 min of very poorly executed story for a game

Age of Mythology Remake. 7/10

i am desperate for old school RTS with base building like Red Alert 2 and war craft, so game this one a shot.. considering its a decade + old game, it runs super fast with poor animation but game is strong in building and upgrading and despite the greek stories which i know by heart , the game is still not difficult to understand and remembering the complicated names..

its 15 yeasr old... by pass this fact and you have a very solid gameplay at hand.

Anyone recommend any good RTS? other than starcraft? base building games would be better than turn based games.. hate turn based..


Try Anno series by UbiSoft

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i tried Anno once.. it was too complicated and too slwo..

i want fast action paced RTS.. like RA and Warcraft/Starcraft.//

for strategy, i also love Ceaser4.. but they stopped making any more :(


Hmm. Try praetorians. Its quite old, but its purely action based RTS and is quite challenging. Company of Heroes 2 isn't a bad option either.

You can also try your hand at Dawn Of War I & II. They both offer challenging RTS gameplay and offer exactly what you're looking for, fast paced gameplay.


I've been completely engrossed in this EPIC space universe simulator these past few days. Since I'm such a astronomy nut despite my severe lack of knowledge, I'd recommend every astronomy loving fan give this a try.


Some screenshots from the simulator itself

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Moar shots

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Dota 2 hehe


Played Tomb Raider 2013. Great game. Worth your time


Far Cry 3 now but have to face the save games lost issue again and again, i've fixed it atleast three times but still do not know what fixes it.
FarCry 3 i am loving it.


last game i enjoyed playing was farcry 3, last game i played was Contract Wars on Facebook. i am into fps.


i m also playing Far Cry 3 :D and really enjoying it :)


^enjoying the game or Citra ;)