What was the last game you played?


Finished AssAssIns Creed IV Black Fags.

7.5/10 - It is definitely an step up from the previous bunch of boring AC games. It still retains some of the boring stuff like the excessive tailing missions and such but there's some fun every now and then. The graphics are improved, but still far from being classified as next-gen, but that will probably change with Unity. The story is decent enough, but nothing worth appreciating. The characters are fine, Edward Kenway is a decent protagonist and certainly much better than his boring grandson Connor Kenway. The musical score is also fine but nothing memorable. The setting is somewhat interesting and there are tall building/landmarks to jump from unlike AC III. The side-activities are ok but i miss the old stuff like banking and tailoring and landmark purchasing and renovating and parachuting, etc...

Overall a good game. It's better than what I've come to expect from Ubi. They need to improve the modern day story though, it was not nearly as interesting as previous games...


AC 3 sucked..Liberation HD was waaaayyyy superior game..!!

PS: my AC4 is downloaded.. :).. will play soon ..YAaaayyyy..>!!!


Finished Crysis 2 and 3 in one go..

Dam ...WOW...

those games at full max settings with HD and DX patch for Crysis 2...Pure love..

Crysis 3 is unbelievable... the graphics are the 2nd thing next to reality.. game was a fitting end to the triology.. prophet voice is what makes the game great.. the ending was flat and crap.. but the rest of the game was absolutely great.. Crysis 2 was better in boss fights though..

overall one of the best,, if not THE BEST FPS experience i have ever had.. now going Dues Ex human rev or AC 4.. both downloaded..:)


After getting enough free time i Completed the story-line of Deus ex Human Revolution.

This one great game, it felt like if i was playing a sequel of Commandos series. The action and thrill was great.

Plus there is option for player to choose , if he wants to make a "Sultan Rahi" type entrance or make it stealthy.
Over this is one great game i've played in a long time.

Just browsing through my old downloaded games collection that i've not played i came through Medal of Honor: warfighter,

i think i'll start playing it now.
And also check if there's a review of Deus Ex in reviews thread then i'll post a review about it too.


^ I had written a review for it when i first played it:

But feel free to write your own review.


Grand Theft Auto GTA


Grand Theft Auto GTA


^hmm... i didn't see that. But i think this game deserves multiple reviews, so i'll write one.


dota 2


Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD

8/10 - Surprisingly, this game turned out more entertaining than Black Flag. This game is basically an upgraded port of a Playstation VITA game with refined gameplay among other upgrades. Other than graphics being a bit outdated (think AC2), the actual gameplay of the game is as advanced as modern AC games. There's underwater swimming, there's hookblades, axes, tree-climbing/running, and some new concepts as well. Being the first AC game to have a female assassin has it's perks. Although it can be considered sexist, but the protagonist can use her gender to her advantage by luring guards and stuff like that.

The story doesn't suck balls unlike Black Flag's passive story. There's interesting characters in the game. Hints of romance and betrayal. The whole game has a level of quality in it which will make you think of it as a full-game rather than a DLC type thing.

The missions are the usual AC type, but there's enough variety to not make it too boring. The gameplay has some old goodies like repairing shops and tailoring suits, etc.

And once again, f*** the professional reviewing sites which have given it a 5-6 on average.


^ Told ya all.. :) this game is great.. especially the ending leaves so much to explore in future for evelyn..and the gameplay and all the action is very tightly integrated..great game


playing AC4.. the game graphics are a total departure from previous games, very colorful and rich textures..this assasin is waaaayyy better than connor..and sailng is good, but the pirate songs are extreme torture.

the game begins and BAM, 10 min in and your head starts to spin.. WTF happened to the whole saving the world from abstergo and why is Ubisoft in the game..that is indeed a huge shock

as much as a Shock as 21-1 :(

the gameplay and story so far isnt revealed much.. played 4-5 hours yet..will update the rest soon..


hmm........this means i also need to play Liberation..................but.........after midterms. :( effing studies!


^ INdeed... you must liberate... that game is like a large screen HD PSP experience with KB and mouse.. plus story is very simple and gamplay is totally different.. especially combat..you will suffer through controls, but it is way superior than the super easy Black flag..

Plus, liberation is all there in the intro of AC4, so having played liberation before AC4 was a big bonus of understanding WTF the game intro was all about..


Call of duty:ghosts.


AC 4 sucked major time.. not because the game is stale, but because the mains tory about abstergo and shaun and rebecca was soo much up in haze that it was ridiculous to even make out of what was happeing in the studios..

Edward was however very nice... Much better than AC3.. and the whole story came full triangle close for the Kenways..which is good..the sailing is awkward and sometime very very difficult, but sometimes it is indeed fun being a pirate :)

the combat is very bland, boring and extremely easy...this ruined the game..

Overall, this game was a very small bubblegum stretch a mile...Game was overall good..

Next up.. Splinter Cell : Conviction


the wait is finally going to be over in about 7hrs :P bcoz dark souls 2 is here :D Cant wait for it to unlock On Steam :) pirated version is out but dont want to download the pirate version bcoz i have alreaDy pre loaded the game on steam :)


Started playing Medal of Honor Warfighter, as it was pending in my to be played list for too much long time.

Graphics are good, game play is also good, story seems ot be going somewhere.........specially starting from karachi........

But still can't give my verdict i've played the whole game.


Just don't know why! i stopped playing Medal of Honor War-fighter, and started playing Thief. :)
I guess moh:warfighter can wait. :P


Stalker-lost alpha. "nough said B)


So I've finally started playing Watch Dogs and... I have mixed feelings towards it. I've only started it out so maybe it'll grow over me over time but from what I've seen so far the hacking is not nearly as fun as they made it seem like. The driving is not good either. The vehicles have no weight in them and physics & destruction mechanics are also poor. Let's say it's on the level of Saints Row III/IV. Even the gameplay seems like Saints Row type where it's fun in the beginning but you get bored soon but I'm still hoping that's not the case here. The story & characters seems interesting though as of yet, so at least the game's offering something good.

Now let's move to the real issue of the game (only relevant to the PC version). It's a f***ing horrible mess of a port. It reminds me of the first time i tried GTA IV and encountered a pretty interactive slide-show. The point being that it's another poorly optimized PC port of a game. (Especially for AMD hardware users). So once again Ubisoft have pulled out more crap for PC gamers.

I have a fairly good rig and even then i had to turn it down to medium settings to make it playable (it's still not smooth and there are random stuttering issues). I've installed the latest beta drivers just for this game (the game was almost unplayable before that) and I've also installed the official hotfix. But yeah it's not very good and I'm not pleased. They're saying they'll release more patches for it later to fix the issues but they shouldn't have been there in the first place, certainly not after that 6 months delay from the original release date.

Maybe i should give this game a break and wait until a couple of patches are out for it...