What was the last game you played?


Tried the TitanFall closed beta last night. And to sum it up:

Its Mirrors Edge+Mechs+CoD MP.

Extremely fast paced. This will be interesting.


Dishonored 9/10

The best thing about Dishonored is you get to make important choices and plan out your approach to an objective. Plus, the optional objectives were as superb as the main objectives.

I played the story twice. The first time, I chose patience; using stealth, going slow and steady, exploring the different locations and completing optional objectives which made the main objectives a bit easier.

The second time, I went brutal. Choosing the most difficult, heavily guarded passages; killing almost everyone in my way. This time, the story mode didn't take that long to complete but it was really hard and challenging.

Made it to my Top 5 list.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 5/10

Skyrim is ridiculously overrated. Enough said.

Seriously, can't believe I wasted 10 hours downloading this crap.


It's a never ending game. If you're playing it for story, then you're obviously playing it wrong. Skyrim isn't known for its story, but lush graphics and scenic landscapes. The freedom to be dovahkin or turn away from that path is up to you to decide.

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^ Agreed with jDk.

@Fahad Ahmed Khan - Although i agree with your opinion on Dishonored, I'll have to disagree with your opinion on Skyrim. It is not one of my favorite games, but it is a great game nonetheless. The game is all about exploration and side-questing. And if you're on PC, then you can install thousands of awesome mods for it. It is also one of the best-looking A-RPG games once you install a couple of graphic mods on it.

Don't play vanilla.,Play tutti-fruity! ;)


^ Like thomas the train mod :o


Got my invite for the Elder Scrolls online beta. The beta starts this Friday, and surprisingly, I can also invite 1 more friend with me for the session.


Currently preloading Theif on steam. I hope i will play it after Deus Ex Human revolution, but only one obstacle in the way, i can't keep my self from playing FIFA 13 which doesn't leave me enough time to play Deus ex. :unsure:


^ Oye, since when did you buy Thief on steam :blink: ? Bataya hi nahi :P


HA HA HA! DO i look like a buyer kind????? :D

I won it along with Deus ex,


Also played First mission Of deus Ex human reovlution, it feels great. i felt like if i was playing commandos in a 3d environment. :) nice game.


mine is almost downloaded.. :D

DMC download completed . B)


^nice. How much did you pay for Dmc? did you buy the bundle offer?


^Lol :lol:

Buying games is like a gunaah-e-kabira for him :P


ha ha ha! i thought he was talking about downloading from steam. :)

So it means we are of the same league.


[quote=“Ahmsun, post:1453, topic:8384”]

^nice. How much did you pay for Dmc? did you buy the bundle offer?


[quote="Ahmsun, post:1455, topic:8384"]

ha ha ha! i thought he was talking about downloading from steam. :)

So it means we are of the same league.


got from you and upsi links..:) will play soon, thanks to you both..:)

and yes, since some unknown person can say anything about somebody who he doesnot even know,seen, met, even knows name, then apparently that turd MUST be right in his opinion about others..



On topic, also got Thief pre-loading on Steam. Ahmsun, is it unlocked for you or will it be unlocked today ?


^ HA HA HA! this made my day. :D
Theif will be unlocked today or tomorrow, i guess. was it 29th or 28th???? :blink:


It was 25th for US, 28th for Europe. Have you played the prior Thief games before ?


Yes all f them, it is a great one in stealth series.