What was the last game you played?



WTF is wrong with activision? :angry: :angry: :angry:

COD : Modern warfare 2.. 9/10 :wub:

after playing ghosts, i started MW2 again, since i had only begun and stopped soon when it was released back then.. this game ACTUALLY FEELS like true war.. Graphics are actually better than Ghost.. and gameplay is a solid 10.. difficulty is high even on easy, and there is a hell lot more variety than anything else..

ghosts sucked because of nonsense missions, and multiple roleplaying every other scene, .. 1 sec, ur soldier, next sec ur pilot, next sec, ur enineer with remote drones, next sec ur your own father and then brother, then you are Doge.. HELL..Thanks God, every one dies in the end.. but wait.. WTF ending is that? ghosts is pure crap..

MW2 is much superior.. and probably the best COD ..


I completed the Solo campaign on Splinter Cell:Blacklist. It was really good and fun game to play, the AI level has certainly increased for Splinter cell series.
But i do not know why i liked the Splinter Cell Conviction more.

Any ways i would rate this game at 8/10.


Instead of playing deus ex human revolution, i started playing DMC:Devil May Cry! and wow what an interesting game this is, awesome hack and slash.
Can't wait wait to brutally kill the demons. :angry: :)


^ you will regret it when you play it later :P

Deus Ex's music alone will make you regret for sure :)


ha ha ha! Deus Ex can wait a few days. As my younger brother is also playing Deus Ex and he didn't want me to play the game before he ends the storyline, So i always let him play games first. :)


i have just ended tomb raider :) awesome game :) 8/10 :)

a side note : youtube is back? for me its opening right now :)


I see, you've enjoyed the nice graphics of Lara croft! :)

nope, though on some sites the interface loads also the caps, but the video doesn't stream.


Crysis 2... 8/10

Started it when it came out, quit cuz it wasnt as good as the first 2.. restarted again .. this time hopefully its a better experience cz of the shiit ghosts..

this game is best played with a sniper gun since the AI has the eye sight of hawks with radars... unfortunately sniper guns are very rare till the portion i have played.

Graphics with DX11 pack and high res pack are unbelieveable.."Can it run crysis at ultra? " Barely but it sure is eye candy :D 9.5/10

sounds are mostly FX, and very dim low vol score..7/10


Assassins creed "; Liberation HD...... 8.5/10

a totally back to roots experience, with a new character, no animus crap, quick and fast gameplay, and faster movement than AC 3 tree jumping.. its like a Female Ezio on steroids, and the multiple roles gambit played of, as notoriety is best managed that way..

since its a handheld port, graphics are quite good.. but the gameplay is soo good and smooth graphics dont even matter... the combat style is totally changed though an takes a lot of time to remaster for old assassin players..

overall, much better than AC3.. and the setting of spain and slaves is also very fitting.. Great game..!!!


Hey guys you playing games on pc and am sure for maximum pleasure you using game controllers i am looking for game controllers very high quality and durable for my PC please suggest some brands as per your experience

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Top gear and madcatz if you can import


Not many game releases. Only thing that interests me a little is MGS:R. Otherwise it's pretty much Ahmsun's type of games. :P

Well, i know for certain that all the good stuff is about to come since mid-February, starting with Thief. Can't wait to play the Dishonored clone. :lol:


^ :) i've downloaded it. I'll soon play it. But after i play Deus Ex Human revolution.

Completed 20th mission of DMC:Devil May Cry. It was awesome hack and slash. Dante is sooooooooo great! he is #$%^%$# Awesome!

Now on to the Deus ex Human Revolution.


See, the new DMC is great. It's only fanboys of the original Devil may Cry series that don't like it due to the obvious changes.


Anybody got good torrents for DMC new and deus X revolution? just finished my entire collection of 6 games stored from past 3 years which were waiting to be played.. now i am broke. :(


hmm.........when i downloaded DMC i had to find an active torrent which i was unable to find on IPt/TD/TL.

So i searched torrentz.eu and there is one torrent still active enough to download at good speed.
Check the PM.

As for Deus Ex search for your self, i got it on steam. :)


[quote=“farhan_ds, post:1436, topic:8384”]

Anybody got good torrents for DMC new and deus X revolution? just finished my entire collection of 6 games stored from past 3 years which were waiting to be played.. now i am broke. :(


Done dona done. Upsilon iz da fun! ;)


HD Angry Birds Space Unlocked This is the last game location where I played my latest game.


You gaaayiiizzzz... :D

Thankyou people :)

Download Ahoy...!!