What was the last game you played?


For me this is the best FPS game i've ever played.
After completing this game i was sitting infront of screen like a "چھلا آنڈا".


can i play games on Intel hd 4000 graphics?


You can, but the high end games require better machines.


After completing bioshock infinite, i am having trouble choosing between two games which one to play first.
Should i play DMC or splintercell blacklist?


^ Upsilon recommends DMC.. but it is a hack and slash.. after playing infinite i had the same problem.. games just dont get back to me.. i tried tomb raider but couldnt even play start its intro stage.. so Splinter cell would be better choice since its also a similiar type of gameplay and will help get bioshock off your nerves.


@ Topic..

Playing batman origins.. Again thanks to upsilon for his high speed torrent.. Almost half way through the game..

Awesome game.. much easier to get into than the previous city game...but after watching all the nolan movies and playing the previous games, the new game going back to introductions is just not as appealing

Dont get me wrong, i love this game, more than Arkham City, because much fluid and easier controls, and the story is just Brilliant,, BRILLIANT STORY..each unknown and less memorable character from batman history is now a major player and a much more interesting aura against all the villians... such an excellent character development of every one.. even the ones who die in the 1st 4 minutes of the game.. leobe and branden etc..

its just its too late in the series to go back to origins..

also the initiations DLC came out going even back in the past... so lets see

upto now, the game experience.. 9.5/10 5 Star Game.. tripple A title..


i was also thinking about splinter cell. :)
Here i come!


At last, I've finally reached the final battle in Mass Effect 3. I begun replaying the trilogy after a 1.5 year break, as I was very pissed with the original extremely ambiguous ending. Hadn't really played any DLC released the past year as well, so took my time to play from the very beginning (ME1-ME2-ME3). The citadel was by far the best DLC released. A farewell in the truest sense.

Completed every single side-quest in the game (it took me 2 weeks to completely cover the entirety of the game due to time constraints), but I'm glad I took my time and now I'm just an hour away from the end. Even though I already know how it ends, I'm hoping the extended cut & the addition of other DLCs will soften the blow this time.

Farewell Mass Effect, you'll be dearly missed :(


now a days Pay Day 2 Keeping me buzy all day :P its really a fun game :) i play it online with friends. bought Pay Day 2 And Legendary Skyrim This Sale :)


Just Finished Batman.:

One Word..Woaaahh...!!!

this was more like a prequel to the dark knight..this didnt even feel like a game, more like an interactive movie... which was brilliant.. but the story mode was wayy too short,, the assassins were just gap fillers between black mask, joker and bane.. everything felt like cinema, instead of a game..

the game was absolutely amazing,.. the level of detail is top notch.. the role of Joker,as always is a masterpiece.. and FINALLY, gives the true visual representation to the jokers Statement from return of the batman animation....

"Batman, You Complete me...!!!

Now i have NOTHING to play :(


Lady elizabeth sends her regards :wub:


^wow! i don't remember that scene?

Anyways, i've started playing SC:Blacklist. and its great. I am loving it uptil now. currently playing "safehouse" and about to meet kobin.
I like the way they introduced market in this time.


That's because you never played it. Its the "Burial At Sea: Episode 1", which takes you back to before Rapture was thrown in Chaos. You get to explore Rapture like how it was at its peak.



there are upto 3 DLC for Bioshock, and they take place in alternate realities, or DOORS in the light house.. there are those 3 alternate realities where elizabeth never met him, and where she is older, and where she is a mafia leader.. :P



Finished COD : Ghosts..

Game premises 6/10... Same old crap one fauji member becomes leader of villians..not even remotely original..and execution is extremely cheesy.. there is no character development at all..and the best loveable character with whome you emotionally do get attached is a Fookin DOG.. Yep.. Dog is better than every human in game..plus very well designed and cute German shepherd..:)

Game Mechanics 4/10.. for a decade old History making Mega franchise, it really is creepy and stupid to be able to run and slide UP a stair case.. yes, you can run and Slide UP anything.. AI is very average random left right movements, .. but even on easy, their grenade throw is like a perfect pitch from baseball. directly lands on your groin every dam time..

Graphics.. variable from 7/10 to 8.5/10.. most of the game is pretty standard low budget FPS desert and buildings corridors...some areas are extremely colorful and well rendered and in some places, they used standard jpegs of real humans as textures.. neat trick, but very deceptive and easily isolated..



[quote=“jDk, post:1413, topic:8384”]

That's because you never played it. Its the "Burial At Sea: Episode 1", which takes you back to before Rapture was thrown in Chaos. You get to explore Rapture like how it was at its peak.


oh the DLC i planned to play them after playing other games.


Damn! IMO SC:blacklist is the best in this series. things are getting hot.


^ really? i might give it a try too.. finished TR just yesterday :)


Finished Tomb raider 2013

Game 10/10

Story 9.5/10

Presentation 9.5/10

Graphics 9.5/10

Music 8/10 (game had little score except a few drum beats.. which were soft in volume though.

Controls and camera.. 9/10 Tomb raiders have always been plagued by stupid camera angles.. this was the first game where the camera was actually our best friend..

Except the ending boss, which was waaayyyyy to easy after you get grips of control the entire game, the overall game is the best survival game ever.. it beats farcry 3 in terms of presentation and Surviving... has the best character development since joker in the 1st batman game, and most of the action is on par with nathan Drake and perhaps even better..Graphics leave nothing to wanted more..

Crystal Dynamics may have shifted the entire focus from routine 10 years of lara to this Unchartered type game but they have done brilliantly..


Candy Crush on ipod 10/10


Candy Crush and Spades(by AI factory) on android