What was the last game you played?

^Could you give a review of the games once you are done with it

Playing Left 4 dead 2 .

Its an awesome game

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^Could you give a review of the games once you are done with it

Ended THE SABOTEUR just now.Gonna post a review

I started playing Iron Man, simply not gOOd. Its not a game for hardcore gamer!

I won't remove so that my little brother can play he is 12!

I tolDya didnI !!!!!!

iT waSS A Booooring GAAAaaaMe!!

Yep! you're LEFT! :) the graphics sucKed. But ithink my little brother would find it interesting as the gaem was way too easy, So i just left playing it.

Bat Man: Arkham Asylum

For Prince of Persia Sands of Time, it was a classic.. graphics, story, action... everything was so wonderful.

Still Playing Left 4 Dead 2...

Stuck in Hard Rain -- Sugar Mill Scenario.

Need for Speed Undercover..

Didn't like it. Vehicle Handling is very way too bad.

Played Borderlands but thanks to unscheduled load-shedding i am off for a while now.

Lego Batman

Fun game! Mast/Must play

Last game which i played was Online blakjack. Its a casino game. And i love playing it.



SIngle Player:

Dirt2 and Mass effect 2

Chess titans as it's only game I have being playing since shifting to win 7

Playing 'mafia wars on facebook' and 'erepublik'! ah those stupid addictive games. I just resumed playing GTA IV and Torchlight.

Burnout Paradise : The Ultimate Box

well i wud say not really a FUN game.. borring game... with same things again and again...

Modern Warfare2


Reinstalled after a long time and playing :)

Start Playing Bioshock 2