What was the last game you played?


The last game i played is Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, IMO Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was better than this, but yeah, the graphics & features are improved.


Played CS 1.6 shiiit got a headshot :P


Batman Arkham Asylum


Commando 2


The Witcher


Just ended COD:modern warfare 2 today.


Farcry2, Prince of Persia


^ Is that Prince of Persia (2008)?


Terminator: Salvation Army and Wolfenstein! :)


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^ Is that Prince of Persia (2008)?



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Ok, post a review in your game review thread if possible.


OK, but its gonna take a long time. It normally takes me year to finish games, unless they are very addictive like most FPS, or action games like GOW or GOW or Crysis or COD



COH: Opposing Forces



Played this one


COD4 mw


Tales of the monkey island:launch of screaming narwhal.

An interesting game, with nice puzzles and mystires to solve. I'm gonna play all the five chapters of tales of the monkey island!


Prince of Persia.

I have decided to end this game once and for all.


I've played Prince of persia but didn't end it! Because prince stinks! He needs some makeup!


Did I played a game, since I have installed win 7 I forget what is a computer game after all.


i am playing THE SABOTEUR & TROPICO 3 these days