What to Do in this Situation


6th May they give me new phone line from dp [it was reaction of my email which i sent to bbsupport e-mail address] this dp is new one which has low parameters issue.

Lineman said, he need written proof that my line has been changed and there is no problem anymore. I wrote joints removed but low parameters problem is still.

While i asked about parameters then he said, someone else will do it. He went after granding permissions of seniors with this statement.

After 2 days, in morning SDO called me and said ur problem has been resolved .... parameters r changed ..... what a joke lineman before 2 day is saying someone else will do and i did not see any device in lineman hands or anyone is checking/changing.

SDO said, baita if u will not closed ur complain then i will terminate ur DSL becoz in ur area u can not get better speed than this one.

I am ptcl customer since 8 months, and i was getting much better speed/noise margin / line attenuation values while my dp was old. I told him that modem goes stuck and when restart then i can browse. But he said all is done.

i am sure they changed my dp becoz they want to terminate my ac or they want to put myself in troubles.

Management said:

they put best efforts and ur line has been changed now u must switch to fiber cable for faster browsing .... how sweet my modem stucking problem has nothing to do and DNS problem when i post something in blog and find DNS error then i wish i can kill all of them becoz i need to write that post again.

1218 Customer representatives:

13th MAY 2009 yesterday, they transfer my call and no one was picking after 2 hours of effort i dropped the call and when i shouted then they register complain and forward to exchange ............. wow ........... without modem setting for keeping my mouth shut they register complain and think problem has been solved.

Today, receive call from exchange, man said he want to visit my house while i told about noise margin and loadshading problem and might be when he will visit modem stucking problem will not occured becoz it happened sometimes and no time is fix.

he refreshed the port but after 1 hour of his call modem got stuck.

They can visit again and again and will take action what they will like but the problem which is clear that noise margin is less than 3 when this problem occured.

When i call 1218 about knowing the reason of modem stucking then they asked me how i know about this problem ... hehehe they told me and now asking how i know about this issue.

after 1:30 hours of efforts i re call them and said i want to talk ........ then he said he is not in office ...... i said without checking u r saying he is not in office .... he said yes without checking ........ force fully he went or not but said that man is not in office and when i said i will talk other seniors if he is not in office then he said all seniors r taking calls. u must wait wait means u have to call them atleast thrice a day and still no gurantee if someone will pick

i wish these will be an alternate of PTCL Landline then i will go with them.

Should i close the complain or what to do when Exchange staff wants to visit again n again and at the end will do what they will like. and customer representative is just saying company policy ....... company policy .......... company policy and seniors r not picking or might be not wants to pick my call.

old strategy of all the companies.

F the PTCL and change your connection

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old strategy of all the companies.

F the PTCL and change your connection


You r right but u know there is no one like PTCL Landline … i do not select other ISP becoz of phone line parameters. If any firm will offer landline like PTCL i will select no matter if i will pay 50$ per month for that connection.

Atleast 50$ will save my time which i put in making call just for listening company policy