What to buy, samsung or acer?

Im torn between two 22 inch LCD panels on the market that fit my budget:

1. Samsung 226BW (2ms GTG, 1000:1 (3000:1 dynamic), DVI/HDCP, vista premium certified)

2. Acer X223W (5ms, 1000:1, DVI/HDCP etc etc)

im just upgrading from a very small CRT and will be using the new panel for movies+games mostly...

Has anybody used any of these two panels? What do you recommend i go for?

I would go for Samsung

Does the LCD give same way display as crt specially fast motion in movie and games? I read some where that CRT is much better than LCD / Plasma for fast motion movies and game.


well Samsung is definitely better if you want performance, Acer is fine if your budget is limited...

be sure to check this article before buying 226BW (it has a few issues): http://www.behardware.com/articles/667-1/samsung-226bw-a-and-s-series-the-verdict.html

I would suggest the Samsung 2232BW...its about 3K more expensive but I think its a safer buy, not to mention it looks really good.

Go for samsung coz it has 2ms response time, where as acer has 5ms. Response time really matters when playing high end games.


i think i'll go with samsung..it does have its own issues but hopefully i'll get past em