What’s your favourite flag (except your home country’s one)?

i like KSA flag Albanian European union and piracy jolly rogers

i like this FluxBB%20bbcode%20testhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f1/The_world_flag_2006.png

me2, KSA ... simply beautiful

My favorite is flag of Greece




Iraq and Saudi Arabia's Flag Rocks

I like Jolly Roger:


Good old Communist Soviet flag!

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Good old Communist Soviet flag!


The color of Asia is RED. :)

The whole world would be painted RED one day.. if you know what i mean =)

^ That will be the day when world will run on formula "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need needs".

Workers of the world, unite!

^^^hawaon mein lehraye ga surkh parcham

other than pakistan, i like scotland's flag..

^^ Nice quote dude. Your intectualism is getting brighter every day.

my fav flag is taranga (indian flag)...not to mention i like to use it as a toilet paper :D


My favourite one is japanese. But I really hate bangladesh flag despite the fact oth lok similar.

I rather like the south african flag.


The turkish flag is also nice because it looks quite inspiring.


Mine is lebanon's


Have a look at krgystan Flag


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my fav flag is taranga (indian flag)…not to mention i like to use it as a toilet paper :D