What kind of keyboard do you use and why

we pay very little attention to what kind of keyboard we use.

so what kind of keyboard do you use and why

I use a focus keyboard. I have been using it for 5 years now and its been very reliable. Its got multimedia keys like volume control, copy paste keys, switch window key, close window key, application launching buttons as well as horizontal and vertical scroll keys on the side. Overall its a very good keyboard.

i myself use a dell multimedia keyboard which is working fine for 3 years now (knock on wood)

Razer Arctosa

Its very comfortable.....

I am using a mercury multimedia keyboard from 1+ year, perfect in every way, very comfortable.

An a4tech keyboard with the anti-RSI type of keys, multimedia/office keys, and a very useful scroll at the left.

Dell Multimedia Wireless Keyboard with Office keys and Optical wireless mouse.

I'm using Compaq key board with little multimedia features. IT is working from 4 years. I like it because it is silent keyboard doesn't alarm neigbours when typing!

I m using elife multimedia keyboard with Arabic keys printed on it....it is very easy to write Quranic verses for making any pamphlet or etc.

i m using IBM keyboad (usb)