What is web 2.0?


so wat is it? can anyone explain.


Try google or wiki :)


Try this.


web 2.0= big font,buttons etc :P


web 2.0 is a broad term for features on the web which involve social stuff

like social networks n stuff like that

but every1 has their own defination so it is diffrent for diffrent ppl


Web 2.0 is the technical term used to describe interactive web (internet).

* At its inception, internet was just a set of static hyper-linked pages, without any dynamic content.

* With the advent of technologies like Flash, AJAX/Javascript, web pages are dynamic in nature and more like web applications for e.g. Google Spreadsheat etc.


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web 2.0= big font,buttons etc :P

lol, a perfect, straightforward and correct definition. Thats what I, too, have learnt from web2.0 :P


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web 2.0= big font,buttons etc :P

yep, pretty much. Also, the content is mostly user-generated content.


Well, there is a big buzz when it comes to Web2.0

You can expect to see more sites that look hmmm... skype.com or digg.com