What is using so much of my HDD on Windows Vista?

Whats happening here? If I check by selecting everything in C Drive, it shows 22GB is used. Disk Cleanup said I have 3GB hibernation file. 25GB is all. But my total usage is 61GB if I check through My Computer. I know Vista uses space but 36GB? Where did all of that go. I installed RA3, GTA SA and some other small softwares (OpenOffice was the only big one) but I removed all of them later, did that leave some files. Those files should be included in the 22GB I checked.


My guess it is Windows updates that weren't installed or canceled midway.

I hadn't installed updates for like 8 months. I had access to broadband for a few days and downloaded around 600MB of updates. Tried to let it install smoothly, maybe messed up, but I don't remember doing so. After that I turned off updates. I don't have access to broadband so I doubt it downloaded GBs and I didn't notice.

^in Folder options turn on "Show hidden files" and turn off "Hide System Files or Protected OS files".

then try selecting all files by Ctrl+A. I guess they are hidden or or Protected OS Files


28.5 GB. Still I don't know where 32.5GB are.

Select them one by one and each of its size. Narrow it down till you find the place. Also do this

%temp% in cmd. Once opened delete all contents.

There are only 3 folder there larger than 300MB and 2 files in C. Users folder (contains my data hence its big), Program files and Windows. Two files are pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys, both of which are being used so I'm not gonna delete them.

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'C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Temp' is not recognized as an internal or external


operable program or batch file.


Nothing happened. Did I do something wrong? What does %temp% have?

You cant check the size of the "System Volume Information" folder in the root of c:

Thats because no-one has rights to it and it is used by system restore.

System restore usually reserves 12% of partition space, so my guess is that this is the thief eating up your GBs.

Yeah that explains it. Thanks. I just read System Restore article on wikipedia, in Vista it's 15% by default so thats like 33GB.

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Yeah that explains it. Thanks. I just read System Restore article on wikipedia, in Vista it’s 15% by default so thats like 33GB.

Reinstall the window and turn off automatic updates this will sure gonna work .

^Hey that seems somewhat of a drastic measure. I still have 159/220GB free. I can't download so I don't think I'll ever fill it. I don't have the driver cd or Vista, and my internet is too slow to download, just needed to know why and how much more space will it consume(Its consumed all 33GB it could)? Besides my updates have been off, and even when they were on, they could never be fully downloaded, at maximum only few MBs could be downloaded. I have only updated it once properly and they were like 600MB updates.