What is the quickest way of getting a cable connection repaired?


Having never dealt with Worldcall in any real capacity before, I am wondering, whats the quickest of way of getting my cable connection repaired (ideally tomorrow). A passing KESC truck (with it's ladder extended) decided to take its anger out on the cable connection this cutting it in half and leaving my parentals without their regular fill of TV.

Were this a PTCL issue, I would have just called my local lineman and had it fixed immediately, but given that I am dealing with WorldCall here, does anyone know how to expedite the repair process (even if it means I am paying someone under the table) in Karachi specifically?

I know the WorldCall trucks used to idle near the Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazar, but not sure if they still do....

I am in Phase 2, DHA near Clifton btw.


just give them a ring, they usually repair faults pretty quickly. in my experience anyways, (clifton)


Ok, I have cable drop issues every two months due to cable mafia trying to take over the neighbourhood. The solution was PTCL DSL or Evdo. Since eid holidays were approaching, I quickly took the way of evdo.

It takes worldcall around 7-14 days (atleast for me) to fix the cable drop issue. It is better to get DSL or wireless connectivity in order to avoid this issue. Worldcall will do many mis-commitments and according to me Raza, you won't like that.