What is face book?

please tel me wht is facebook my cozns laugh on me i m new in thz feild i dnt knw mch abt net

i want help dnt want sympthy if there is any1 laugng thn dnt help n if sum1 realy wantz to help thn i m ready


this must help

bellskar u rock thankz i thnk u r great

i cnt get help 4rm there plz kindly grant me vit ur own words

Easy Explanation: Its a website where you can make friends & have some fun...

so how can i get into it

open the url http://www.facebook.com/

use the "Sign Up" form.

you will need an email address. just register as you registered with WiredPakistan Forums.

and start exploring you will get understood what that is.

and you need the email addresses of your friends to follow up with them. or just hit the Facebook people search.

Go to www.facebook.com

You can sign up on the front page by entering your name, DOB and Email. Then add your friends.

if i say i hav no frndz thn????????/

what is DOB???????????????


first say your friends to install you a yahoo messenger and chat with them, then send mails etc

start using things steady

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if i say i hav no frndz thn???/

Just signup, you’ll find yourself some friends there.

DOB: Date of Birth

but i m stil facng prblmz n wht is lol???

LOL : Laugh Out Loud

ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off

thanks ultimate n wht is ur namr

^ Just call me Ultimate.

but it sounds nt gud u shld use ur name like i did bcz names r 4 using nt 4 hidng thnk over it