What is did numbers?

what is this did system numbers do we calls free to anywhere with it tell me something about it thanks! don't be smart i know its mean Direct inward dialing but don't know its system and works?

Visit: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/DID

DID means Direct inward dialing i hope this will help

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don’t be smart i know its mean Direct inward dialing but don’t know its system and works?
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DID means Direct inward dialing i hope this will help


Here is the explanation:


A DID is a real phone number, one that can be called from anyplace in the world. Some providers incorrectly call these numbers “virtual numbers” but there’s nothing virtual about them.

Some IPTSPs also have internal numbers (e.g. FWD). An internal number is a number that only works in the network of your IPTSP.

To better illustrate the difference, here’s an example:

You buy a cellphone from Verizon. If Verizon were an IPTSP offering just private numbers, you’d only be able to call other Verizon subscribers. You can’t call anybody signed up with AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. You can also not call abroad.

Now suppose Verizon connects their network with the one from T-Mobile. Verizon subscribers can now call T-mobile subscribers by dialling a prefix and the number of the T-mobile subscriber (e.g. 10 + T-mobile number), and T-mobile subscribers can call Verizon subscribers by dialling 20 + Verizon mobile number.

You can see this in the IPTSP world where two or more IPTSPs partner up… e.g. some IPTSPs allow their subscribers to call FWD.

Now enter DIDs: If Verizon decides to connect their network to the national telephony network (which in turn has international uplinks), people from all over can call you. If you have a DID, people will dial that DID number and be directly connected to you. If you do not have a DID, people wishing to call you will have to call the Verizon operator, and ask to be connected with your Verizon extension (or there’s an automated attendant).

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