What is 3g?

if i buy 3g enabled phone then what benifits i would get out of it..also,does any mobile company offer 3g internet i.e ufone,warid etc???.

3g stand for third generation

its means all connectivity options avaialabel like wifi video calling bluetooth edge gprs but at higher speed i mean very fast but in pakistan there r z no 3g soon it l come out

its a faster and alternative technology for GSM

it offer high speed data transfers and video calling......

No company offers 3G here in Pakistan,for more information about 3G visit here

hmm buy a 3g mobile but what will you get? we dont offer 3g here in pak. So stop wasting money on 3g and get a edge mobile :)

what is download speed of 3.5G

Accoring to a recent press release of PTA 3G spectrum licensing will begin in the first quarter of 2009. But I think the infrastruction building completition and opertions will begin not earlier than a year and that too in the major cities at first. Til than there will be more 3G fone availabe in the country and their rates will also decrease. So dont waste money now.

" Taken from mtn website"

3.5G is an enhancement on 3G data speeds using HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology.

You can download data up to 5 times faster with 3.5G than with 3G!

The MTN 3.5G service under current optimal conditions can reach a practical data rate of up to "2Mbps" (Downlink speed).

Note these speeds are maximum achieveable speeds.THis means if you are the only one using it otherwise it will decrease. Correct me if i am wrong