What download manager supports premium account megaupload downloading?

I just bought a premium megaupload account. I need a download manager which supports batch downloading so that I just give it a list of megaupload download links and it downloads 2 at a time until all downloads are finished.

Does IDM have this functionality? I couldn't find it in 5.15 version.

How is Megaupload's own "Mega Manager"? Is it safe from spyware, etc? Is it gud?


Note: I found the solution within IDM. Check the 3rd post for the link to the solution.

download 'jdownloader'

its the best as far as rapidshare,megaupload,etc. are concerned !


Thanks for your suggestion though I could not even download jdownloader. The two sites that the program is hosted at (bluehost.to and uploaded.to) gave me less then 10kB/s so I just canceled it.

I searched on google regarding idm and megaupload compatability and found a solution in IDM's own FAQ. If anybody else is interested in knowing then head to IDM FAQ.

try here shot.rewaz.co.cc

IDM ( Internet download manger ) is best . i am using for both RS and MU :)

^ yUp !! idm is best. im using it too. and my idm support's MU/RS both :).

how did u get premium megaupload account..

via original channel(online transactions) or desi-account selling quacks..!!??

I payed through Moneybookers. Got my account in a matter of seconds.

i got it by hardwork lol i mean by uploading and getting points :) and now i have hell of points specialy for RS :) 250,000 points :)

Server using user name and password (Support only for people who has made a ... JDownloader v0.4.079 - Free Rapidshare and Megaupload Download Manager ... Multiple Download for rapidsher.de or rapidshare.com without premium account