What do you say about shumaila Rana

Watch the video and comment here


Pakistani MNA bhe aisey ho saktey hein bhaiyo :o

She is ugly, fat lady.

Hence this thread should be closed.

but what is the proof that the tape provided (audio) is a real ??

What do you expect Pakistani Politicians. By the way, she was member of PML-N (Nawaz Sharif Group).

^ aahhhh So ?? Whats your point. I see some wampyrness in your comment :P

i see too many threads recently just linking to some youtube video...

seems like someone just came to knew about this thing known as youtube...

well is also a comments option below the video on youtube...

so kindly discuss youtube videos on youtube...

and one thing more

read forum rules


What the hell? Why is she still free and not in prison? Why?

Never Wish her to be in prison otherwise she will also be our president one day:D

She sucks!!!