What connection should I use?

Assalamu Alikum. Hello everybody. I am new to this place.

Currently, I am in Lahore but I have to travel all over Punjab.

I have to check my e-mails, download on-line articles/books/files frequently.

So, please tell what internet connection should I use?

In the near future, I may also travel abroad. Is there any service which can be used abroad as well particularly Europe?

EVDO or any good GPRS/EDGE services. if in pakistan.

if you want to use the same service while traveling away from Pakistan then you will need GPRS from any mobile network that is providing GPRS Roaming.

see GPRS roaming details

Mobilink http://www.mobilinkgsm.com/IR/gprs_roaming.php

Ufone http://www.ufone.com/ir_gprs.aspx

Telenor http://www.telenor.co.yu/?section=private&page=501

Warid http://www.waridtel.com/consumer/ir/gprs_roaming.php

Zong http://www.zong.com.pk/gprs_edge_usb_card_faq.html

Prepaid or Postpaid restrictions apply on each network as per their policies.

edit: sorry forget about EVDO I got remember that EVDO is not covering all the cities in Pakistan yet. right?

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have tried PTCL V wireless but it doesn't work apart from the city I bought from.

I have used ufone GPRS on my cell phone but the speed is annoying.

1-I don't have much knowledge about the EVDO technology. Please help. what is it.

2-Plus please tell how do I use gprs on my laptop?

3-Tell me about edge service providers as well in Lahore as most of the time I have to be here.

Thanks in advance!

Please tell me some links for help as I really have very little knowledge.

EVDO is available in Karachi only. They plan to expand to other cities.

I used Ufone EDGE in Islamabad, Lahore, Motorway trip in between two, Nathia Gali, Murree, Ayubia (Some areas had GPRS.. and somtimes no signals, but harldy 5% of the whole trip).

However, i used it on my mobile to check emails and sometimes MSN. Worked like charm!

The procedure to connect mobile with PC for Internet, is available on the forum. You can search for it!



in above forums, there is discussion about configuring your laptop/pc with your hendset to use GPRS/EDGE

I have Nokia 6120 classic, HP 540 laptop with built-in bluetooth and ufone.

I will try and inform shortly.


Thanks for the links.

@ owais

Thanks but I am confused about ufone edge after viewing this forum http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=4186

Why don't you get a usb edge card of zong. I used it and was a very satisfied costumer.

@ satan 2204

What are the requirements for it?

Will i need to switch to zong connection?

Can I convert my ufone number to zong?

what are the charges? Is it economical?

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@ satan 2204

What are the requirements for it?

Will i need to switch to zong connection?

Can I convert my ufone number to zong?

what are the charges? Is it economical?


What are the requirements for it?

Well it depends, If you can buy a edge USB you can, It will cost you aroud 10,000, but you can get any edge anabled set like nokia N72, 6230i, SE w810i, all you have to do is connect your mobile set with your PC, laptop. I iwll recommend 6230i, cheaper and good receptions. If you currently have edge enabled set you can save the money and use it. Do let me which set do you have.

Can I convert my ufone number to zong?

Well yes, Yo can convert any number to zong, If I were you i would have bought a new sim,If you can get a new sim use it. try it. IF you like then convert. :)

what are the charges? Is it economical?

Economical?? Hmmmm well it has better speed and about economical “may be” some finds it cheap other expensive.About total cost.

Nokia 6230i : around 4000

OR USB edge Card :10000

Ufone Convert to Zong : 100 Rs

New Zong Sim: 160 Rs

Monthly Internet package charges : 482 Rs.

So if you have a edge enabled set, it willl cost you around 800 to setup your zong internet then 482 monthly.


Well I told you everything what you need to get connected.

Enjoy WiredPakistan :)

Thanks satan 2204 for the info!

I have Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6230i costs only Rs.4000? Only??

Is zong workable all over punjab? I think its not yet available in all areas. I need coverage as well in both big & small cities.

Does it work well in Islamabad and near to it?

Thanks to all!

Hmm mm If you plan to use your Nokia 6120i then its best for Edge service, About your qestion. Yes off course Zong has a very wide range. It definately covers lots of areas including small villages. Go for zong. Get a nokia 6120i cable. Install PC suite and give it a try.

Best of luck


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