What best english song ever for u?


please not pakistani or bollywood songs

any non indian or pakistani song...

what best english song ever for u?

mine is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G03thtVeB_w

I played this song more than 20 times today


Stairway to heavenby Led Zeppelin and Shine on you crazy diamond by Pink Floyd


I Feel you


In flames- only for the weak


too bad they went crap after this album


Lose your self!


flo ridA >right round< it counts in top 10 in my ipod


Halo by beyonce

ring my bell by enrique iglasias.

im alive By Celline dion.


Everybody plays the fool by Aaron Neville


i cant pick one.... it chnges wif my mood and day and envoirment these days its either broken by lifehouse or


Any Song by Lily Allen

Specially: The Fear - Lily Allen


So there's another Lily Allen fan out there :D

Her songs - the ones that are released as singles - are usually catchy (except a few here and there)

But I'd prefer Chicane's "No Ordinary Morning". That's like my all-time fav.


Fade to Black - Metallica


My best english song is I want it that way from Backstreet boys . its my favourite song..

Dean Graziosi


who let the dogs out by bahaman


yellow, coldplay


Sex on fire - Kings of Leon


Johnny Cash - Hurt

this song isnt the super best song for me but i have always felt this song so deeply. one of my fav songs ever.

other fav song would be,

The American Dollar - DEA

this song just kills me.


Ghetto by Akon


Tinchy stryder Number 1


Enrique Iglesias-Takin back my love


Boom Boom Pow