Welcome to McDonalds

i don't know if this pic been around long time or its new, i just saw it for the first time. so have a happy meal!!!


Now this is what we call desi mcdonald.

BTW i think this have been already uploaded by someone else.

Chips order per bhi tyaar kia jaata hai. :D

i think thats 1-2 years old pic , still a good share :D

the moto of mcdonalds is applicable here

'""" Mc donalds me hai kuch khaas """""


Haroon 0300-2665102 give the order of french fries.

/\ and if wont get french fries by dialing this number then ...............

In which city this McDonald branch is.

free home delivery

Ramzan deals offer...

BUY one and get one free

Still kind a funny! :)

This is HALAL McDonald :) be fikar ho ke khao...

this one is a different pic than the other old mcdonald pic.... or maybe i missed this one before.

awesome pic btw ;p

Violation of MacDonald s Trade Mark....! ;)