Website not opening

Hi, is not opening long time ago. Please check and do let me know if it is working at your end or not ?

I think their webmaster have blocked all access to the site from Pakistan :(

Yeah its not opening

First open this website

Then paste your website( in box and Enter

Webite will open

I tried this method and its opening


Woahhhhhh............Great Buddy Thanks a lot ahsan786 you are superb :) (Y)

ahsan786 it opened once but again when I clicked and check again the site is not opening :(

make sure you are connected to internet :)

Oh yar I am connected to the internet. Please check only 1st page of the site opening and if you click on any link or search anything its shows blank white page.

Its not dynamic / interactive :'(


try to open your website ( by using this site ==>>>

Method is same when will open enter your website address and clink Begin Browsing



It works thanks mate :)

yes its work now

man when i upload a video on youtube it uploads but it takes a long in processing and later it says that this is not the format like avi/flash.whats the problem.

always use proxy