Website created for Client please review

Euro Poker Pro :

"website for my client ,Web site regarding europian poker professional's discussion with latest poker news,videos , events and much more "

Time of Completion : 13 days Approx without search engine optimization ,SEO too 10 days alone.

Budget : US$ 600


i will await your reviews :)

Strange, 600USD for a joomla based website. :-/

are you working for Bill gates son?

secondly! strange, A person is paying 600 USD for the website layout and can not pay a single USD for separate IP "There are 979 domains hosted on this IP address"

secondly check again the script, there are 4 major security holes in the site. which are need to be fixed as soon as possible.

is this a Pakistani website?

Zain Nadeem (*********

*** niazi street




Tel. +00.3439470***

yup $600 joomla doesnt mean that u have to drag and setup ,css/html configuration / template modifications take much time than simple html/css .....

i dont think $600 is high price for such a website ..i also arranged hosting/domain for that project thats why its registered with my "whois"

and i think if i am not hosting violent/porn there ,there isnt any prob with privacy there...

Consider this your last warning before you are banned permanently.

^lol didnt u read accounts r not allowed to sell anymore thru this forum

Buddy 600$ is too much.The design is not that worth.

1.Its not working in all resolutions i mean that navigation link is coming down to that blue area plus text color of that navigation is white so its not visible to me and maybe to other people. 800*600.

2.Plus that green text link color is coming from nowhere i mean how can u match that with the whole look?

3.That header or banner needs some work it is just a plain text with colors changed.

I have seen awesome work in joomla in half of the budget that you got.

good website bro. I want crtisize as i dont have any website. But i should say the design is very basic for a 600USD project and maybe the only thing you had to do beside premade joomla cms.