Web browser by a Pakistani teenager

Web browser by a Pakistani teenager

A 19-year- old resident of Karachi, Sheikh Imran Ahmed, has designed a web browser 'Xtravo Explorer' which is powered by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

A statement here on Friday said that the beta version of Xtravo has grabbed the attention of the Internet users within few days of its release on www.jawoco.com and has been picked up/reviewed by international software websites such as www.softpedia.com.

It said that the browser by the Pakistani teenager is being downloaded on a massive scale and is receiving good reviews from its users who claim it to be very user friendly.

According to the users of Xtravo Explorer, even though it's powered by IE shell engine, it is comparatively better in performance, offers handy options which no other browser offers to date and is faster.

It offers tab browsing, image grabbing and a secure environment which blocks pop-ups and unwanted pages.

Imran has just completed A level and is interested in pursuing further studies abroad.



This is not first. There has been many "browsers" that are based on Internet Explorer's ActiveX component.

Anybody can built such tabbed browser within an hour. In fact, Microsoft's MSDN examples for first-program-in-language (also known as hello-world style first program) is actually a browser based on Internet Explorer's ActiveX.


Here is the example of the most famous Internet Explorer based browser. Build by a Chinese some 4 years ago.


Man even using that IE activex i made browsers of different looks. You can do that with any where activex is provided. But if he is giving some additional features like popup blocking than atleast few pakis are doing good na. So we should promot.

I've tried it! its a nice browser, frankly, nny browser is better than IE

Pakistani media is a !@#$% for those with power..

They should cover about better standard-based

mature web browser to make world a better place

instead of everyday browser which can be built

under 15 minutes..

.. :/

Something is better than nothing. It doesn't mean that i'm supporting him. no Not anyway as there isn't much engineering or technicality involved in that making but he has tried something.

@isharis if you're capable of bringing something for others to let them feel honor of !@#$ than you do. I'm working on several such things. When i'll successfully launch something. I promise it'll have not inherited such things like activex or etc from anywhere.

i have heard abt it on ARY..searching the browser takes me here...

What is the purpose of reinventing the wheel?

By the way, I hardly think that programmer actually wrote the whole software. I am sure he copied large part of source code from open-source or free-source-code (that are abundantly available on internet) and modified few things here and there especially writing his own name.

Ah, copying others core work and we call it programming and says that Pakistan did something.

Stop reinventing wheel. Think new, think better, write something for betterment of humanity.