Weapons Races (series)

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The Race for the Jet Fighter

This is the story of the race to build the ultimate aerial fighting machine; from the 1915 German Fokker Eindecker to the 2005 U.S. F22 Raptor. The prize for the winner would be air supremacy over any battle field & a massive military edge over any enemy.



The Race for the Battle Tank

This is the story of the race to build the ultimate mobile armoured fighting machine; from the 1916 British Mark 1 (the world's 1st tank) to the formidable U.S. M1 Abrams. In a war, having the best tank can mean the difference between victory & defeat.



The Race for Radar & Stealth

From the first radar controlled air defence system devised to guide Spitfires against the Luftwaffe to the creation of the F117A Nighthawk stealth fighter; a race has ensued to develop technologies to detect aircraft & counter measures to evade detection.


The Race for the Nuclear Bomb

From the very first atomic bomb dubbed "Little Boy" that was dropped on Hiroshima by a US B29 Superfortress to the W80 thermonuclear warhead carried by Tomahawk cruise missiles; a race has ensued to develop the ultimate weapon of war - the nuclear bomb.


The Race for the Strategic Bomber

From the 1915 German Zeppelin Airship to the US B2 Spirit (the world's most formidable strategic bomber); a race has ensued to develop the full potential of a weapon which revolutionised warfare with its ability to reach deep behind the front lines.


The Race for the Nuclear Submarine

From the very first nuclear powered sub, USS Nautilus to the latest nuclear attack sub, USS Virginia (representing the cutting edge of modern naval warfare); a race has ensued to develop a new kind of warship that would change naval warfare forever.


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