Wats wrong with rapidshare

got this message:

(from rapidshare)


Your Premium-Account has been suspended due to breaking the Terms Of Use.

The reason for this operation is Mass downloading and\or uploading illegal material such as Warez and\or Pornography.

You have passed over rule #g745: No files with illegal contents, for example pornography, child pornography, racist material and/or unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.

*If a Premium user violates this terms of use, RapidShare has the right to permanently ban the premium user from the RapidShare network.

Your IP address has been sent to your local government authority.

You do not have the entitlement to protest against this operation.


RapidShare Network.


now what i dont understand is ,is there any other use of rapidshare premium except mentioned above? :P

i had 4 months remaining till my account was going to be ended so i just lost about $30


rapidshare owner ,

"you will die"


^did you get some kind of email with this text?

or you got this while logging in rapidshare.com?

o would say lolz.

but you have to tell 2 things here ,

1 - do you really did this , i mean violating terms and conditions and uploading some porno etc etc or illegeal media ? :D

2 - or you have purchased this RS account from some unauthorized person ? or somthing like that ??

but i think it might be due to 2nd option..

but still i dont know exactly what is happended you should ask RS for details

Yep, definitely phished. That email is an attempt to stop you getting it back. Email Rapidshare ASAP to get it back.

There is no rule #g745 on RS Conditions of Use page so sounds fake :S .

^exactly. that's why I asked him. if he got any email containing this text?

search the clause on google along with rapidshare '#g745 rapidshare'

you can see there are much victims of this. but no clause in rapidsare.com

it seems fake or phishing email.

such emails are sent to the users by which he/she is normally requested to login through the link in it. and the person un-intentionally doesn't see the actual link where is he being taken. and just see a page with the same UI so he/she tries to log in. and gets hacked.

be care full of such emails. and look the URL in your address bar very carefully when you give your such credentials. and check if the URL is that what is it supposed to be

P.S. it also seems fake me.

thanks alot guys for your suggestions actually i recieved message from this email adress


i tried to login to rapidshare account but that gae me invalid id...

now as rapidshare dont allow email id creation with its domain so i think this email is from rapidshare


"1 - do you really did this , i mean violating terms and conditions and uploading some porno etc etc or illegeal media ?"

i didnt downloaded any warez or any other illegal stuff downloaded some "celebrity porn" some time ago i think but millions of rs users are still using their accounts for warez and other stuff dont know why they closed my account only.. :(

also it was genuine purchase didnt got points or did got it gifted from someone ..it was genuine paypal purchase i think i got that for $ 50- 60 worst think is that i backuped many important files there at webspace so thats the major problem...

@ bellskar

yeah link is ssl secured i mean https

^as considering the situation, if every thing gone as you said, then It really seems to me that your account has been compromised.

you received a message from support@rapidshare.com is nothing a surprise for me atleast. I can also send you email messages from the same email address.

and also can take you to my own hosted website. and that could also be on SSL. there is no big deal doing that kind of bad things.

https only is nothing to deal with you must take care of the URL as well. when you click any link in your email.

why all the email service providers block all the links initially, this is the reason that most of the users dont read the URL carefully. before clicking it.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Please protect your login data to avoid unauthorised access. Enter the login data only on www.rapidshare.com.

In general, we do not contact customers proactively, but instead respond to enquiries. Should we contact you, you can recognize the authenticity if your customer number is mentioned - if you are a Premium User. We never send attachments.

If you receive a notification that your access has been blocked, because you violated out terms of use, please contact our Support. Our experts will quickly identify emails to be legit or not.

The general rule is: If you get a message and you are not sure that it was sent by us, contact our Support. We will quickly clarify the problem.


bellskar i think i am scamed....

i sent email to rapidshare they said they will respond in few days ..ahh didnt know how that happened to me :(

so now you know how those cheap 4 months accounts people are selling on forums are obtained :D

so now you know how those cheap 4 months accounts people are selling on forums are obtained :D

So, best thing is never pay for these kind of accounts because it's so risky

For downloading from Rapidshare or any such such sites, just use jDownloader

If you want to backup ur data, then numerous other free file hosters are also there. Encrypt ur files with strong passwords and upload to any of them. And keep ur files alive by clicking at the links every few weeks.

thanks for your suggestions actually i use this service so my clients can download heavy files without ftp or email as sizes are mostly over 70 mb

i will neva use this insecure rapidshare service again


that is not insecurity by rapidshare.

this is you who lost the grip on your security. if you give your credentials to some one others then rapidshare or any other service provider is not responsible for that.

and as you said you have been scamed. then it's your weakness. dont blame the service.