Wateen Wimax USB Stick?

To get the true mobility, why Wateen & other wimax provider still fail to provide usb adapter as it is introduced in 2006.

Still not compatible to much time,might be working on it.




Really stunning.

From geek link.

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WiMAX is attractive to some users because it offers the capability to download and upload data at max speeds of 70 Mbit/s. According to an article on Wikipedia, the country of Pakistan currently has the largest fully functional WiMAX network in the world. The adaptor is expected to be available beginning in the fourth quarter of this year.


Can third world country compete with Europeans & Americans?

Do u think its last chance for wateen to survive in market.

Wi-tribe has already put this technology late after the official launch.. wateen is slowly being poisoned ..completely when i switch to wi-tribe as soon as they launch truly unlimited 2mb.. =D

Good question