Wateen : We Disconnect

I am having a disconnect problem with wateen continously. When i load 5 -6 pages in one click from firefox everything gets disconnected for 15mins (MSN, Yahoo etc everything). Even internet.wateen.net page also not opens.

I have contacted Support department, they did something from there side that day and it worked fine, and problem continued again from the next day.

what should i do?



Contact them again :D Infact add there number in friends and family list as you will paying more to your mobile carrier then this shitty company :P

[h].زندگی آسان کريں وتين سے جتنا دور بھاگ سکيں اچھا ھے[/h]


What are they upto?Their time is soon,they will run back to their deserts.

What is the procedure to return Wateen Device?

Do anyone know how?

Yes,go to their franchise,tell them you want to return the CPE and cancel your account ,CSR will be saying why,tell him I am done with your service.He will be asking for the ID copy of the owner of the connection for the cancellation process but don't give them out ,refuse to give it..tell him your headoffice will be having one of mine.

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What is the procedure to return Wateen Device?

Do anyone know how?


Go to nearest Wateen office (or if you can’t find then nearest unfortunate franchise) and throw the device on the face of the “head” of heads. Yell all “things” you every learned in your life. Tell them “You don’t want me to turn Green. You won’t like it when I am Green”. :)

Not exactly! Don’t do it or I won’t be responsible for your actions.

Just go to your nearest Wateen office or franchise, tell them that you want to close your account and return the device. Don’t give them the device until they do the paper work and give you some-sort of assurance that your account is closed and you won’t be bill in future.

Good luck :)

P.S. You’ll be surprised to know that the procedure that I said above (throwing device on face) actually happened in Karachi. Oh, some daring Karachiets can do anything, especially when they have “loaded-device” in their other hand ;)

Will franchise return Security Deposit of device as well? or not.

^ If you can get otherwise forget about security deposit. You should feel relief when you'll leave it. Think of it (refunds) as minor setbacks that are common throughout Pakistani business.

Hmm.. I Understand. Thank to all of you that replied to me :).

I dont know what wateen is doing.

My Wateen 1Mbps / 5GB:


And My LinkdotNet 512Kbps:


Wateen has less distance to Mumbai Server than LinkdotNet, but still not giving good results.

And i am having 4 signal strength in my wateen device. :lol:

wampyr , I checked via portal of wateen,my login still exists and I am still being charged and the locking date written on it is 22 April, 2010.The CSR was asking for my ID card copy as being the owner of the CPE but I refused to give it out and told him I'll give it to you tomorrow but tomorrow never came for me :D.Should I give the ID card copy & ye they didn't give me any paper proof :|

^ You should try to get proper disconnection proof or account closing proof. Otherwise Wateen can take legal action against you for due bill (even after you have returned the device).

Definitely, somebody is using your device. Try to clear it.

Or in Pakistani style: just forget about it and wait if some day Wateen chooses to take action then look in to it to do something about it. :)