Wateen users: A Wateen-only torrent forum / DC hub


Guys i have an idea why dont we create a wateen only torrent forum. we will need volunteers with different loadshedding schedules to run trackers.

What do we get in return

: lightning fast downloads

: if 1 wateen user gets it, all get it

: different loadshedding schedules will provide 24 hrs uptime (hopefully)

So is there any1 up for it.

Alternatively, if someone is on UPS and wants to volunteer, we can have a DC hub. that would be super awesome.

If nuff ppl are up for the torrents, I will create the forum and start a tracker. Hub I cant do cuz of loadshedding.


great idea

but wateen will cap the the local traffic soon then

like worldcall did


we will cross the bridge wen we reach it. For now, who else is up fr it


btw its not about load shedding schedules one can keep on seeding a torrent every time regardless of his load shedding schedule


yeah thats prolly dht but its nice to have trackers. dht wont always work


i volunteer i have a tracker already

but something better would be this http://torrentfreak.com/alliancep2p-encrypted-filesharin-080429/

i can set up the main server if some1 wants it


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btw its not about load shedding schedules one can keep on seeding a torrent every time regardless of his load shedding schedule

oh now i get it you want to setup the trackers on someones private pc

a better option would be too host it on any international server and invite all the wateen users to join that tracker the result in terms of speed would be the same and the response times of the tracker will be faster compared to a local tracker


so guys what say shud i set up an alliance p2p server

u can find more info abt it here http://torrentfreak.com/alliancep2p-encrypted-filesharin-080429/


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so guys what say shud i set up an alliance p2p server

u can find more info abt it here http://torrentfreak.com/alliancep2p-encrypted-filesharin-080429/


try it out


So whose up for torrents. I can set up a torrent forum but only if nuff guys are interested in seeding. otherwise this thing wont work. and we all will be stuck at 512k downloads


well! i am in too. it appears to be a very appealing idea :).


i like your idea, set it up so we can try it.


Big thanks to ewolf for making the tracker:

You will see stuff pouring from my side starting this weekend.


well ive got big collection of english songs if any 1 wants any special just ask..........


one question though....

can any budy confirm about inter wateen traficing. i mean if i upload to this tracker will i be charged for doing that(if i exeeded my limit)????



Your welcome


The trackers working as it should but its somehow isn't fetching wateen only traffic....i figured if the torrents we share have different hash (by changing the name of the file before creating its torrent) and by removing the options of DHT and Peer Exchange might make the torrent to connect to my tracker.

After doing the above alteration i re-created .torrent file for every one of the files that i had and asked a few users from this forum to download a small file named MP3 Splitter + joiner....2 users downloaded the file with 60-45 kBps average speed i have a 1mbps connection so the speed will go high if anyone is on a better connection But from the looks of the speed it seems like either wateen has capped their internal traffic as well as Ruhaan mentioned in one of his post OR my tracker isn't acting accepting for wateen only traffic.

To find out if wateen has capped the internal traffic would someone please send another user a file preferably of at least 50 MB size so we can find out if wateen has capped their internal traffic or not. Thanks


Some thoughts:-

To access my tracker i have to enter either "localhost:6969" or "" in my browser, obviously i cannot enter my IP:6969 (port for tracker). That is the reason i can't seed torrents cuz in order to seed i would first have to connect to the tracker to get information about seeders and leechers which i cannot do so cuz the tracker is me and for that i would have to connect to my own IP.

so i have come to the conclusion that i cannot seed a torrent but if that was the case then the users who have downloaded the file MP3 Splitter + Joiner wouldn't have downloaded it in the first place. I know they have downloaded the file from me i changed the hash of the file by changing its name from MP3 Splitter + Joiner to MP3 Splitter & Joiner v3.03.1-tracked-by-ewolf-wateent-Tracker.rar before creating its torrent cuz when a torrent file is created it stores in each and every information of the file ranging from its size to its name in a random number generated called hash, what i believe a torrent client does when starts searching for the file of which the torrent file is loaded in the client it first looks up the announce address, then matches the HASH number with the files present on other peers and trys to find other peers with the same HASH number and starts downloading the bits and pieces of the file from those peers.

So what i think is If i didn't change the file name then those who downloaded the file i.e (Mp3 Splitter + joiner) their torrent client would have started a hash match sequence and would have downloaded the file from other peers in their DHT/Peer Exchange pool, but it didn't cuz the hash was different since i changed the file name to "MP3 Splitter & Joiner v3.03.1-tracked-by-ewolf-wateent-Tracker" so im positive they downloaded the file from me. But im still skeptic about it.

What i want you all to do is to kindly visit my tracker and download torrent of this file called "Name: ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite 7.0.Build462 w keysVista&XP ewolf wateen tracker.rar", and while the file sits in your torrent client i want you to observe the "Peer" tab and check to see if it connects to peers other than wateen's network and if you are able to download the file successfully then please seed it for atleast 3 days the file is pretty small its about 50 MB.

i hope more people will participate in this experiment thanks


no its not the case i just started the tracker and then uploaded a torrent with my tracker's address and updated the tracker manually from my torrent client and it started seeding and two people also downloaded that file from me

why are you making it so complicated?

just start a tracker then create a new torrent and start seeding it but it will give you a tracker error (coz it is not there in the tracker) now upload the torrent to the tracker and update the tracker manually in your torrent client now it will say working in the torrent status, that's it now people can start downloading your torrent


alience p2p??????? wath is that?????

does any other person runss a tracker???


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alience p2p??? wath is that???

does any other person runss a tracker???


alliacne p2p is a file shring app its kind of a mix between DC++ and Bittorrent

i have a tracker but it isnt as sofisticated an BNBT

and i cant run BNBT coz for some reason BNBT doesnt work properly under wine