Wateen Pwned..!






Atlast Pwned By Me.. !!LMAO MuHuHaHaHa..!! :lol::P

What exactly did you do ?

Wowwww... is this Wateennn........ Man... can you get free accounts.... pleasee tell mmee how it can be done.... wat sw.... used....

Its already pwned.Tell us something new.

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Its already pwned.Tell us something new.

:S… Who Pwned It B4 Me… ?

I Though I Was First One To Pwn Wateen… :P lol

What can you do with this administrative access?

Lucky you !

Okay.. So I Am Going To Share The Method Which I Used B4 I Had The Administrator Access...

I Created A Program.. W-Bruter (Wateen Bruter).. Which Bruteforces Wateen IDs.. Its Really Fast.. All You Need Is A Good Wordlist..

So.. I Have Created A VDO.. On How To Use My Program To Crack Wateen IDs..

And I Have Also Included Some Working ID's Of Wateen As A Proof..

And The Link To Download The Program (W-Bruter)

So. Here's The Link To Download The VDO Its Just 2mb.. :)


OR (Mirror)


Enjoy Cracking.. :cool: