Watch Out! Here comes the BMW

I accidentally bumped into this website while researching about future of electric vehicles.



BMW weblink (worth watching)

BMW has released the details of its Vision concept car which will be unveiled in Frankfurt in September.

The car is a technological tour-de-force that borrows some of the Volt concept but expands it in new directions.

The car is a 2+2 seater sports car that has stunning performance, aerodynamics, design and fuel efficiency.

It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle not an extended range electric vehilce, but appears to share the best of both architectures.. It uses a 10.8 kwh lithium ion battery pack of which 8.6 kwh hours is usable. Instead of taking GMs approach of only using 50% of a 16 kwh pack, BMW is using 8.6 kwh (80%) of a 10.8 kwh pack, allowing the pack to be smaller and lighter, weighing in at only 187 pounds.

The powerplant is a 3 cylinder 1.5 liter turbo-diesel engine that is supplemented by 2 electric motors. BMW indicates the vehilce is capable of driving on electricity alone, the combustion engine alone or an infinite number of combinations of them. For brief bursts the cumulative output of all three powerplants can be as high as 356 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

The car can do 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

It gets 62.6 MPG in the European cycle when running only on the diesel engine but is capable of traveling 31 miles purely on electricity when the battery has been fully charged. This configuration will allow the vehilce very high MPG estimates when using the new PHEV measurements under developed.

Charging takes 2-1/2 hours at 240V, 16 amps. A 380 v 32 amp fast charging option is available allowing the car to be recharged in 44 minutes.

There is a 6.6 gallon fuel tank giving the car a 400 (diesel) + 31 (EV) total driving range of 431 miles.

The car also has an astounding coefficient of drag of .22 making it extremely aerodynamic.

It uses lightweight construction techniques and has a cur weight of 3056 pounds.

Styling is aggressive and stunning, there are overhead doors and 3 heads up driver displays.

LOVE to take for a Test Drive

damn. I need tht car.. How much it will cost ??

^ Its a concept car. Not for sale.

It would break down into pieces on our high standard roads.

^that's true

you never know our government might give this cars to police for patrolling as it looks more like a police patrolling car

That may be the future of electric cars ... but the real future of cars will be this.

Economical, using teh most abundant resource in the world (Hydrogen), zero emmisions .. its the future for sure !

the future looks ugly

GUTCHA! GUTCHA! YUP YUP YUP! My tongue is tocnihg the ground! But the future of cars will be Fuel efficient, less polluting and many other factors like this. Any one who wishes to drive it here must keep a sack with him , he might not know when that car falls in pieces and put those pieces in that sack and hire a CHINGCHI and place the sack on top of it. So when any one asks tell him O its my new BMW!. :D

Why would a car fall in pieces ? :\

You do know cars are actually becoming lighter AND stronger at the same time ?

That's one sexy !@#$%! I hope they turn this concept into reality one day (not that I can ever buy it :P )

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Why would a car fall in pieces ? :<p>You do know cars are actually becoming lighter AND stronger at the same time ?

It was just exaggeration, you know about our roads with huge TOYA TAPPAs you can’t find them abroad.


Dude such roads are our heritage and good nations guard their heritage very efficently, so do not think about the removal of toya tappas.

^Like all concept cars, this will also end up in the designers garage.

This BMW should be included in the next NFS game.............! Much Impressive...!

Looks good but i think the Audi in I,Robot 2004 Movie is a better concept :P but it wasn't electric i think :(


BMW should also consult Hollywood :P

when will "Harley Davidson" Creat 'Final Fantasy BiKe ??? :/

i want that bike...