Warid vs Zong 4G LTE - Which one is the best?


It depends on cell sites and number of users active in that area. In my residence, I've never seen Warid hit more than 5-6 Mbps at all, while in other areas, it goes upto 25Mbps. Likewise with Zong as well.


So I've tested Warid and Zong side by side for almost two weeks now. In my opinion Zong is offering a far better service than Warid, in Karachi.

Almost at all locations in Karachi (the places i visit anyways) Zong has had a better ping, speed and coverage. While at places Zong will loose LTE and come on 3G, for Warid it meant back to 2G.

Now I need to and get my Warid sim closed.


I hate the word major Cities .. They should also Provide their telephone services to major cities ONLY too!! Eh .. Don't compare zong with warid .. Its like comparing ptcl with nayatel ,remember nayatel is limited to isb major sectors


just tried warid lte on a iphone 5s, near sharah-e-faisal gettings 2-3MB speeds, in dha around 10MB (checked once)


Just purchased warid lte sim got 1gb free for 5 days

Here is the result



Zong Rocks



Zong 4G Mifi Device Indoors @ Malir Cantt..

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Zong 4G mifi Device @ Malir Cantt

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Awesome speed .. Its giving great speeds

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Zong 3G/4G, where ever its coverage is works really great. Not idea about how wide the coverage itself is.

I assume Warid would have more widespread


in most of the cities it will mainly depend at the coverage of the provider


warid in home


Any idea how to check locked/unlocked status of wingle by Zong ?

And if it is locked, how to get it unlocked ?


My Zong Speedtest Lahore.

22.36 mb Download n 20 mb upload . Bingooo



When this thread was made, i initially voted for Warid (purely based on theory).

But now that I'm actually using 4G. I would say Zong's LTE service is superior (at least in speeds). Coverage in Karachi has gotten really impressive as well. Zong is like the at&t of Pakistan. :D


Localistan Times had conducted the speed test for both networks and they also get more speed on Zong 4G.


But we need to wait now as Mobilink has bought Warid. Now Warid too will have 3G network to back its speed and it will help both Mobilink and Warid.


how is Zong and Warid lte in malir cantt phase 2 or askari area..???good signals?? can anyone guide here....hasan


^ see 2nd post on this page


Zong sucks now a days.. Go for warid , it's expensive but better and don't bother to read first two three posts as they are based on earlier tests.

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Zong 4G Mifi @ Malir Cantt

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