Warid Puts 2GB Limis on Infinity GPRS Package Beware


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hey guys how’re you all?

well guys i just wanted to know that is warid providing unlimited gprs on PRE PAID connections or not ???

pls do reply me my email is naimat40222@gmail.com

i’m expecting a positive response guys…take care…

Allah Hafiz…


warid not provide unlimited Gprs on pre paid only zong provide


Quotes from a Warid HelpLine Guy...

Q: Why have you imposed a cap on an unlimited package?

A: Its maybe because of some PTA restrictions/instructions.

Q: Can I somehow know how much data I have used at a particular time in a month? Like the free minutes thing?

A: No, we do not have any system at the moment to let you know how much data you have used at a particular time.

Q: Will Warid notify me by sms when I have exceeded the 2GB cap?

A: No.

...keep it up warid! where is my ptcl connection! its been like a month now!


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I recommend logging in to PTA website and filling the complaint form.

Good idea


I thought Warid was going very well with there GPRS packages, i used a lot with my laptop by GPRS card but i guess they are saving all the bandwidth for there sister concern Wateen ..lol


Its a very cool forever.



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Warid = Infinitely crap

or all local operators in Pakistan are crap for that matter.