Warid Online Porting

Warid now introduced the Online Mobile Number Porting. Now there is no need to visit Warid’s business center to initiate your request or to collect your Warid SIM. With the online service warid will contact your current operator on your behalf to verify your Name/NIC and IMSI. Upon successful execution of your request Warid will deliver your new SIM directly to your door step for FREE.



The charge for initiating Port-In request is Rs.100 and the mode of payment will be the Warid scratch card of denomination Rs 100. Upon successful Port-In a free balance of Rs.150 will be awarded


A new Warid SIM (inactive status) will be delivered at your premises within 2 working hours of receipt of Port-In request. Courier representative will take copy of NIC from you, fill the CSAF and MNP Authorization form and will handover the new SIM. A copy of filled CSAF would be handed over to you for your own record. Doorstep delivery of SIM will take only 2 hours, however requests after 8:00PM each day will be entertained next day.

Doorstep delivery of SIMs will be possible in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala & Multan.


If your present package with your current operator is prepaid it will take 4 days for your number to become active on Warid network. In case of present package being postpaid it will take 20 days.

The link for online Port-In is available in What’s New and Customer Service section of Warid commercial website