Warid Infinity GPRS Got 2 GB Limit



Guess What Just Happened At

W@rid After Launching EGDE

Warid Infinity GPRS Got 2 GB Limit

All of My Deposit Was Sucked And I Got No SMS / Update

I Just Asked the CALL CENTRE To Define The Word INFINITY

@nd He Said Sir Do U Know 2GB Is = 2000 MB

& We Reserve The Right To Change Packages Without Any Notice

Close Your Connections OR Plz Complain To Franchise & call Center

Show Them Consumer POWER

Does Any One Know That

Is Jazz OR Telenor Or Ufone OR ZONG

AnyMore Unlimited Or They Has Same Policy


Thanks for sharing this. I just confirmed from help line that they indeed changed this package :@ . I download 2 GB in 2 days or so, so I am really angry. Will have to look for alternative now.


I called again, and confirmed that this also applied to their so called Broadband USB. I also asked him to register and send my feedback to complain department, that I know many people who use this service, and as this is totally unfair, and no other mobile company has this limit (I guess it doesn't), if they don't change it back, they will loose many customers.

Though I don't think it will make much difference, as the number of users who use this package is comparably small. I am going to re-test Telenor, Ufone, and Zong again in my area, and get that one if it doesn't change back.


^ AFAIK Telenor also has a 2 GB cap on their "unlimited" GPRS/EDGE package


Yeah I just found that out. At least Ufone, Mobilink and Zong has still unlimited. And the normal practice with package change is that it usually does not apply to old customers, like the minimum line rent of Warid now. But I guess their back-end connectivity charges got way too high for this, or like most companies, they got super greedy too.