Warid GLOW

Warid have launched Glow, three days ago, all ZEM users can switch to GLOW, or buy new GLOW sims.

Here are all the details:


If you are not able to read, then simply save the picture on your harddisk, then open it & click on Actual Size to view.


Goto: http://www.waridtel.com/consumer/glow.php

It's been over a month since Warid Glow as launched. The SMS package is good (7rs/week/700sms).

I think glow.pk was launched before this.

^ Really? the warid operator told me its launced 3 days ago, fuckin warid operators .

BTW i think its only good if we have 10 friends who all use warid glow package.

There were ads on TV quite a while ago.

I think a bill board a month ago of warid glow....

Opertors really have gone nutts nowadays.....

This Glow package Sucks as Free call limit is 52 minutes only :(

What are the internet packages?

In the ad it says free mobile internet

its for browsing the glow website but downloading something is charged too

Too many terms and conditions plus ifs and buts.

Can't mobile operator launch simpler packages?

dont u think guys,for the last few years cellular companies have started deceiving and teasing its "valued" customers by launching such non sense packages and also snatching services like delivry reports,imposing balance inquiry charges.

What should we do to stop them?

through away your sim and stat using mobile without them that's the best you can do :lol: