Wants to Monitor Internet bytes usage


i want to knw tht is their a software which monitor my internet bytes & to chek where it is using caz,in my pc their is no viruses,worms,etc bt whenever no internet is usage by me,the two internet display in tray (small tvs) are alwayz on & when i chek it,it is sending & receiving in bytes..means some internet utilization is goin on somewhere. I chkd it by different methods bt dnt catch anything related..i want 2 chk it only tht where it is consuming my internet....

Thankx a lot!!!!!!!!

Use a firewall having application control so you know which app asks for internet access.

You can also use TCPView to see which running processes have opened TCP connections. It doesn't tell you which one is using how much bandwidth, but you should be able to figure it out by closing the processes one by one. Though keep in mind that svchost is a windows process, though some program might have the same name


Also in most Firewall applications you can see how much percentage of your connection the running applications are using.

Also it could be Windows Update, or some other auto software update running on your computer.

thnkx this Tcpview is already installed bt i never noticed =)...thnkx,it seems that my bytes r sending somethng to microsoft's network....seems strange...

turn off automatic updates