Want to sell 42 inches Panasonic Projection Canvas TV


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lolzz don’t cry dear… what diff, i mention is about negligible when you are comparing 75000 vs 6500

so far deal concern i said Sony FWD-50PX2 Plasma 50 not PM50c (don’t know which one is newer). Also, you don’t get receipt from any hayatabad dealers.


u were comparing prado with a shazore :) if you cant see any difference in prado and shahzore ( both having same size naaaa ) then you are ABSOLUTELY rite :) but if you know the meaning of having prado in a sophisticated environment then you should not say tht CRT and projections are same so why the hell the world is buying projections and prados ?? :)

how a misinter will b looking sitting in the shahzore :) hahahahaaa

if you dont know which one is newer in the world (not in hyatabad… :) … then let me help you)

the model iu r offering is very old model launched in jan 2007 and nearly discontinued in the world (dnt know about hyatabad) ;) may b in hyatabad it is the recent one.

i ask about PM50C if u cant even see tht thing and offer the crap to me than keep those craps with you . you may sell your offerings to any theif or any one else , i m a genuine seller and will provide the genuine receipt of the same i m selling and i know what i m selling dear .

please clear your heart if i hurt you in any way , although we are both muslims and we should keep our hearts clear . simply if u dnt want to buy the thing just ignore this thread .


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u were comparing prado with a shazore

Wrong selection, if you technically can’t proof that Projector is better then CRT, then don’t put damn stupid examples. You could say that i am comparing 2004 model parado with 2000 model parado, still u wont get 2000 model parado 10 times less of 2004 model. Can you?

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i ask about PM50C if u cant even see tht thing and offer the crap to me than keep those craps with you

1st of all i am not a dealer, thats y not much aware of the models of plasma 2nd why you are degrading yourself continuously just to proof your point? There is no product even in lahore market or any where in the world available with the model number of PM50C. neither FWD-50PX2 is discontinued. FWD-50PX2 is latest model then Sony PFM50C1 (if by PM50c you meant this). & PFM50C1 is actually discontinued model.

So after all hayatabad is much advanced then you :P


if you are not a dealer then y u were offering me the other models ???? :)

and i m not degrading myself dear nor trying to prove superior as this is all in ALLAH hands , and i tried to close this debate by saying that just forget and make ur heart clear if i hurt you !

Plus this is all against the etics too my dear that if you dont want to buy the thing which i m offering just please keep yourself aside from the thread !


and please correct your language dont try to prove tht you are really from an orthodox world !

and still you are wrong my dear PM50C is launched in th emonth of june 2009 and the crap you were offering me from your latest and advanced :) hyatabad was launched in 2007 !!


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if you are not a dealer then y u were offering me the other models ??? :)

Because i have internet+phone (& certainly a mind) which i can use. Before making 42’+ 50’ Plasma, i ring to the mardan. When you mention this new and what i am offering is old one, i again rang some lahore dealers for this purpose. (in between i also manage to have some great deals, which i will try to utilize in future and earn some money). & there is no model available with the number PM50C.

if available show me some Sony website which providing the information about this. If you mean PFM50c1 then i can prove right here that what i offered is advance one then urs.

I am also not much interested in this (useless) debate. You started this, it would be ended in the start, but when you started to dictate me i become aggressive (i don’t take dictation from anyone).


lmao, keep it up boys. By the way Nadeem, projection technology is history now, its lcd, led and to some extent plasma. Analogue transmission are obslete in the developed world and hence CRT. I have a Samsung top of the line 43 projection, 574p, but can't sell it. Also have an Lcd from the same co. and there is one hell of a difference between the two. Projections don't go to 1080p just to 1080i, moreover mostly have a component in, not HDMI. I haven't seen the model you selling here so can't comment and the link provided by you tells its a 7 year old model. As regards Hayatabad, fracker is right in saying they do have a wide range of lcd n plasmas and very cheap too, but no warranty. Hope you both chill out. Cheers.


@ freak

i didnt started dear , you started this .

@ tik

i was just saying that LCD has a lower RESOLUTION RESOLUTION RESOLUTION and thats all !


whats the resolution of your projection? because LCDs go as far as 1920x1080


same as CRT


but u said projection has a higher res. than LCD, or did i misread it


I don't mean to be rude, or trash this thread, its already been trashed a lot, but when I googled Sony PM50C, I didn't get any results. I think you are mistaken with the Model No. and that is why fracker wrote there is no such model.


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but u said projection has a higher res. than LCD, or did i misread it

did you see both the tv side by side ??

the image in the projection tv is much crisper and very true and also in 4:3 aspects with a much high contrast (same as CRT)

while LCDs are having limited contrast ratio , not realistic aspects (16:9) whose are good to see a HD movie in 16:9 but the general transmission like cable or nes etc will never give you a realistic aspect ratio.

as there is no match of RESOLUTION quality of CRT / Projection with the LCDs , the response time is also a factor , in CRT / projections the response time is less thn 0.5 ms and there is no LCD (so far) developed who could acheive such response time.

any how , the deal is made in 47000 and will b finalized in a couple of days insha ALLAH.


I think you really need to go out and see a real LCD and not some cheap one. LCD is the latest and the most used technology in the world right now. Projection TVs dont support High Definition nor do they support 240Hz, something that LCDs do.

4:3 is old and outdated and 16:9 is the one currently in use. I have a widescreen CRT and it in no way distorts the cable.

As for response time, 2ms is perfect and any less than that is not noticeable.

As for your contrast ratio theory, sony LCDs support up to 20,000:1. Most TVs now support LED technology which completely blows away any plasma CRT or projection.

Welcome to the 21st century.


i only want to give smile , i have the LCDs and plasmas too dear in my home and in my office too .

i know the difference and a person who couldnt judge the difference in the aspect ratios then there is no chance to get the correct knowledge from tht person :)

any how thanx for the input , in the BUY / SELL section :)




16x9.jpg w2048.png

and this is a real mode 4:3

4x3.jpg w2048.png

you can see the difference in the wideness of the FACE !!!!

re-read i was talking about the ordinary cable tv transmission , i was / am not talking about the HD transmission with any source.


sold in 44000/= mods please close the thread


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