Want to Buy UPS

I need your suggestions for buying UPS i have two pc it will be good if i can use both while light goes.

One is P4 with 14 inch LCD another is P3 with 21 inch CRT.

How much voltage and battery do i need and what about its cost. I also need one fan and light for my room.

Leaving in LAHORE someone told me it will cost u around 20k for min 2 hours backup i need.

you need to buy 600 watts power UPS ... which will cost you around 6500 - 7000 and then you need to attach battery if you use truck battery it will give you backup power for 4 - 5 hours for your PC ... And the battery costs around 9000..

These are the rates which were 3 months before

600 watts ~ 1kVA

You will get a good 1kVA UPS for 8500. The 'truck' battery which is 195amp will cost you somewhere around 10000 depending on which one you get. As per your requirements of 2 PC's, one fan and light, you most probably will get 2-3 hours backup with that. I am basing this on my findings. I was running a P4 with the 1kVA UPS and with a dry battery of 60amp and it was giving me 2 hours backup. Since you have 2 pc's, a 120amp battery should give you the same. And since you will be running a tube light and a fan (fan takes around 70 watts) as well, a 195amp battery will be just right for you.

However, the biggest flaw with this whole UPS system is that you can never be sure using mathematical calculations. You have to try it to find out. So i would strongly suggest find out from a shop who seems like a knowledgeable guy.