Want to buy 1gb ddr ram

I am intrested in buying 1 GB DDR ram for my pc. If anyone selling then let me know. I can even purchase 512 DDR ram.

In which city are you?

I am in KHI

Ok, i am in karachi also.

I have a dell 512mb ddr ram. The condition is excellent.

How much are you willing to pay?

Actually, I have D845GEBV2 motherboard with 2.4 GHZ P4. I am not sure whether it is compatible with my motherboard or not.. Please confirm this and let me know.....MY BUS SPEED IS 533 MHZ....please let me know soon

it will work in ur mother board dear , u shold tell whats the memory bus frequency of ur board ? 333 ?

hay i want to buy the Second hand Laptop with this specification


1GB+ Ram


Wirless card


Please suggest

plz post in the appropriate thread , or create a new topic .

this thread is for ddr ram !

How to check bus frequency speed?????

Check your Bios Setup...

Hmm....it shows 533 MHZ......I checked on the internet and it showed PC-2700 & PC-3200 is compatible with my motherboard.

I am still looking to buy a DDR RAM but not able to find it.......If any1 selling...please do let me know