Wanna go to barkat market

Hey guyx...

jus wanna ask a general question ...any1 who hav idea about it n who ix also frm lahore can answer :D i wanna go to barkat market.....which bus /van can take me there frm ferozpur road....??? :) thaxx

I am not sure about the Route Number of any bus or van. but on ferozpur road reach any bus stop and ask any one or any van to take you to Kalma Chowk.

you have to take any Rikshaw or any thing from Kalma Chowk. or if you are so good in walking and it's a night time then you can reach Barkat Market in 5 to 10 min.

hmm i know about the route from lahore to kalma chowk its 5 number van lahore-kasoor buhh it goes straight away to kasoor from kalma chowk......i was also doubtful that hav t take riksha from kalma chowk...any way thankx dude! :)