Wanna Buy Laptop and TFT Monitor (Need Suggestions)


I wanna buy a laptop and a 17inch tft monitor, i have budget of 60000 to 70000 for laptop and 15000 for monitor. Plz give your suggestions..

Which Laptop company and model is best ?

Which Monitor company and model is best ?

What is the difference between TFT, LCD and RCD(not know exact name) Monitors ?


most new lcds r tft so u dont need to wory about tht anymore


Any other ideas.., also what about laptops ?


Plz guys i need your suggestions...


in your price range there are following brand available in good specs, personally i like dell :)


HP / Compaq




you can check them on these sites







I suggest him to search in local market.


about ur lcd

dude get ur self outta missery just visit any samsung or philips display centers... and choose b/w these two companies....

for laptop..

visit the above mentioned sites for benchmarks and then go get one..


where is Philips display center in Lahore ?

I visited Samsung and the monitor (on display) that i asked them to show me was faulty.