Wall sockets getting melted...what could be the reason!

hi guyz...from last 2 days i am facing a problem... my room's power socket(i put ac switch in it )got melted...i am using a window AC ...when i switch on the AC the socket gets extremely hot after 2-3 hours and its almost impossible to touch the socket...i am not sure whats wrong...is there something wrong with the wiring or something wrong with the circuit braker board...any idea ?

check the wire thickness ..... if u have 1.5 ton window Ac u need 7/44 copper wire Red one or black 1 do not use 7/36 or 7/24 wire and better to ask urz electrician.

first check ur wire , as sameer said , if thats not the problem , then the switch and the box may have problem . I cant remember the technical name for the switch , buy the one having fuse and on good quality , preferably national company , and ask the electrician to make a box with good quality fittings.

Coz i had this problem some days before , thw switch , wire and box started getting hot , and i didnt care for it and continue to run it , so it caused a short circuit and caused the KIT of INDOOR UNIT to be damaged , and caused me 1000 rupee for repairing

Power Socket.

It may be the line and power socket as everyone else mentioned or it can be your choked condenser of AC, if you haven't gotten around servicing your AC this yr, you should probably do so, coz I choked condenser puts extra load on wires and heats them up and burns plugs and wires.


Are you using cheap/inexpensive plastic made power socket?

For heavy load (like an A/C or heavy motor) which can produce quite a lot of heat in socket, try to use a high quality clay made socket and high quality clay made plug.

Sockets made of clay can withstand heat much better than cheap plastic.

Get a better quality socket and a new power plug too. Make sure it fits in the socket tightly and there is no sparking.