Voip via dsl

has anyone tried voip on their dsl connection? specifically info abt voip on ptcl's dsl would be a great help.

What is the PTA's and PTCL's position on this?

What is VoIP ?

it stands for Voice over IP. use internet to carry voice traffic

i think its better if you ask this question in section internet. where wateen ,ptcl,link dot net and other dsl users are using their service. there will be a lot of people who are using their service. . . under telecom section only mobiles users are addresse

VOIP over DSL is illegal.. PTCL holds the only license till i think 2011. u will find port 5060 and similar ports blocked in Pak by PTCL for the same reason.

the other licensed party is braintel using i think 8841 port.

how to get around this.. use VPN of any other country which has all ports opened.

Or port-forwarding?

i dont think its blocked,

my yahoo voice, Gizmo phone, Skype, lowratevoip, tpad works flawlessly - probably u mean commercial VoIP service lke BrainTel offering in Lahore is not allowed.

Apart from that you can make any number of outgoing VoIP Calls and Incoming Calls unless you start terminating them to local network and FIA raids you for operating illegal exchange.

Which is the best for video chat with your friends?

Yahoo? Skype? or any other?

i would say quailty wise skype is the best

yahoo too , but for voice chat my choice " google talk"

and as far voip is concern , one of my friend is using vongae voip device not much sure about that his is using this with ptcl dsl and used ldn dsl too , he got calls from usa and call back to usa too so he is using from long time no issue at all working fine.

Has anyone tried Vonage, Lingo, Magic Jack etc VOIP service from Pakistan? Meaning if someone physically took the adapter from USA and connect to their local high speed Internet service in Pakistan? I was thinking to send one of these adapters to my Mother in Pakistan so she can call me here in the USA anytime. If not physical adapter then how about soft phone? has anyone tried it? if the answer is Yes then what provider and what speed?

yar i m using earthcaller with a ptcl dsl..callin USA...workin fine........had used mediaring talk with LDN dsl n never had any such problem

My friend is using "Media Jack" to call USA over Nayatel. So far no problem.

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My friend is using “Media Jack” to call USA over Nayatel. So far no problem.

i think it would be" Magic Jack" not “Media Jack”.

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i think it would be" Magic Jack" not “Media Jack”.


Yeah you are right , thanks