Voice/ Vedio Chat over Infinity

Does anyone has experiance with Mobilink Infinity, with voice and video chat. As i have understood that their uploading speed is not good, therefore voice and video will be poor./?

Please update, specially on YAHOO:

Veedio ??? :D

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Veedio ??? :D

Thanks for Correction LOL

confirmed: uploading speed is not good, therefore very poor voice and video chat

but downloading speed is OK.

thats cuz of high latency aka pings...

any solution for this problem?


get a wired connection instead of a wireless..

wireless connections always have high latency.

i m getting 240 kbps uploads and 1300 kbps downloading speed on a 1 Mbps connection of mobilink infinity.

use skype it will work for u faster video but quality of the video is low but it works better than yahoo.

try this...

my yahoo is working fine . picture quality also nice.

Yes, picture quality is good. but picture get stuck again and again