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any one can guid me about MS(CS) from VU

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any one can guid me about MS(CS) from VU

yar vu is not a good university

u tell me why u want to do ms from vu the i will tell u why vu is not a good university

Search for topics relating to VU here. There are a few.


I also want to do MBA finance from VU (as I am doing a job and can't afford very hi-fi sort of university nor can pay huge amounts of fee). Why do you think we should avoid it? Do you have any personal experience?


You wanna know how good VU is then go to youtube, search for VU, see a couple of courses, if you are satisfied, apply at site.

yar i had taken admission in mba but is was not satisfied their lectures

Thanks for replies guys.

I can study on my own due to having CA and ACCA background. I basically need a MBA Finance degree so, if a person is able to study on his own then what do you guys think? I don't think I will be solely or at all depending on their lectures.

BTW, what is the value of VU degrees? Are they recognized by foreign universities? And how much MBA will cost from VU?


MS in Computer Science



Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science is a research based degree program being offered by Department of Computer Science at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Sialkot. The program is designed to produce academicians and professionals of high quality throughout the country. Course work designed for MS in Computer Science provides a breadth based knowledge of the field whereas the specialization equips the students with in-depth knowledge of a specific area of computer science.


It is a two-year duration program spread over four semesters. Each semester has 18 weeks duration.


16-year education i.e., BS in Computer Science/ BS in Information Technology/ Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)/ Master of Computer Science/ Master of Information Technology/ M.Sc (Computer Science) from a recognized institution. Candidate must have at least CGPA 2.50 out of 4.00 or first division. Each candidate is required to pass the NTS – GAT-General test.

For detailed information about NTS Test (GAT-General) visit NTS website:

Candidate already qualified NTS-GAT-General has to attach photocopy of valid NTS result with their admission form.


The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, online quizzes, Graded Moderated Discussion Boards (GMDBs), mid-term and final term examinations.


For the award of the Master of Science in Computer Science degree, a student is required to complete the 24-credit hours course work program and six-credit hour thesis research with minimum CGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00.


Following are the courses of MS (CS) program. The courses may be revised from time to time as a result of continuous review to bring them at par with courses being taught at top class foreign universities. While reviewing the courses, need of local industry and job market is also given full consideration. MS (CS) program is 30-credit hours program comprised of followings:

Click here to View Study Scheme of MS in Computer Science

(Note: If the schedule of courses pursued by a candidate does not provide adequate background for the degree course, which he/she intends to take up, he/she may be required to make up the deficiency by taking one or more additional course (s) of deficiency level as may be prescribed by the University).


Fee payable at the time of submission of admission application form is Rs. 16, 500/- (includes admission fee, registration fee, security, fall semester enrolment fee and NTS test fee). If a candidate has already qualified NTS-GATS-General test then NTS fee Rs. 500/- will be adjusted later. Details of fee structure are as under:

Fee Structure Amount (Rs.)

Admission Fee (Once) 5,000/-

Registration Fee (Once) 2,000/-

Security Fee (Once, refundable) 5,000/-

Enrollment Fee/Semester 4,000/-

Tuition Fee/credit hour 2,500/-

Thesis Fee 14,000/-

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yar i had taken admission in mba but is was not satisfied their lectures

WTF it is ,??? you had taken admission in MBA in VU, and now a daysu looking for BS in giki ??? o man stop lying , at least in forum , if u cant in gen. life !!! St**** !!!

Is VU giving opportunity to convert Simple 2 years Bsc To Bsc Honors (Panjab University is). Coz i'm waiting for my Bsc result and i wanted to convert it to Honors degree?

^Call on 042-9203113

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WTF it is ,??? you had taken admission in MBA in VU, and now a daysu looking for BS in giki ??? o man stop lying , at least in forum , if u cant in gen. life !!! St**** !!!


brother sorry for that i m not lying becoz i was asking for giki for my younger brother not for myself

^ sorry dont mind, actually i feel lie has became a part of our lives. hate it

What is the mode of payment to VU? When examinations are held (i.e. which months) and how many times per year? I wrote an email to VU's MBA (Finance) Registrar and got a pathetic reply. My email and reply are given below:


1) They have very talented people in their admin department.

2) They first themselves need to do MBA in Marketing, and

3) At least portray themselves as organized institution.




Dear Sir,

I am a Chartered Accountancy finalist student, seeking specialization in Finance through MBA program of VU. I will be needing more details on the course contents (if you have brochures in PDF/electronic form), dates of admission and starting of examination (as I am working in Saudi Arabia) and method of payment (i.e. credit card or pay orders, etc).

Thank you.

Sheikh Mohammad Taimur




Currently VU is working on additional specialization towards master degree program and you are requested to keep in touch with VU notice board for further update in this regard..

Best Regards,


^You should call them on 0092429203113. Take some class. Tell them that I am spending my hallal money and VU is not properly assisting me.

Rola Dalo.

my friends are students there for MBA and they are satisfied for that.then i think is a good university for every one.

A.A Sir,

I have completed my BSCS i wanted to apply for MSCS.In GAT registration form Proposed Field of Study i tick Physical Sciences or Engineering & Technology.