Visual Science, any user?


Anybody has any experience with this software called Visual Science from the company called Vision International ?

I just watched their info at aaj news on their program ctrl+alt+del. The program was good but they informed us about an exciting software, locally developed and great quality!!!

They showed that on TV and it was looking cool!

The software is for kids, primary classes, and its for Science Subject. Cost only Rs.350!

The software is huge, contains lots of videos explaining the concepts of science from classes 1 - 8.

Includes Quiz!!

Includes Charts!

The best part i loved about that is their software is in two versions! we can switch the lesson we are playing to urdu or to english right away!!

Just wondering if any of this community has purchased and using this software??

I am planning to buy one for my kid and one to gift my brother's son

their website is

i did the quiz too on their website, and also watched the demo on their website, its cool no doubt.

Just want to have some reviews from you guys!

Please advice,