Vista Theme for XP


Last time i installed a vista theme for Xp it totally messed up my computer and i had to go through alot of problems. Has anyone of you got a stable vista theme that works on XP ?


Third party themes for XP are using a patch to a critical DLL for Windows XP. For that they also turn off Windows File Protection feature, otherwise Windows will restore original DLL. After sometime Windows may become unstable because there is no protection for critical DLLs files.

On the other hands, lousy third party themes can also create problems because they are not tested fully.

Try to use third party themes that have been tested by hundreds or thousands of users. Read reviews/comments (if any available) before applying third party themes to Windows (XP or Vista).

Good luck.


Try VistaMizer

VistaMizer changes the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look!


try gshell pack


Vista Transformation Pack?


Im using Vista Transformation pack right know, it makes FireFox and Internet Explorer look wierd.. The whole bar on the top of Firefox looks weird.


i used vista transformation pack and i had same problems... using vistamizer now.. its great. almost same as vista transformation pack.


I am using vistamiser..It is fine!!!!


Well, as you are persistent to use Vista-like-theme on Windows XP then I'll suggest you a shareware program. Most of you might already know it, it's "WindowBlinds version 6". In version 6 of WindowBlinds, it can give Windows XP almost exact look of Vista with all that alpha blending and blur effects of windows.

I haven't used it for myself but have seen it working on my friend's laptop but it does look great. I am planning to test it (trial version) on one of my laptop.


ok here is the one of the easiest thing u can do to have the vista like feeling without patching any file.

1st download any one of the following themes

by the way i prefer second theme but it is totally my choice.

2nd download TuneUp utilities 2008 or any version.

thats it. no need to modify or to patch any thing.

tested by my self.




I am using DARK theme by VISTAMIZER but i dont know how to make the start-menu black and other scrolling black instead of customary white in XP!!!!!


new version of vistamizer is out!